8 Trends to Pack for the Party


Independence day is coming up and you know what that means…BBQs, pools, beaches and (fingers crossed) a beautiful day outside.  Don’t know what essentials to bring for the weekend out?  We found them for you.

You will most likely be either at a beach or poolside, so a bathing suit is a must. High waisted bathing suits with some cut-outs are on trend.


We’ve established that you’ll be outside, so don’t leave home without your sunglasses. Shades are great, aren’t they? The colored lens is something to keep your eye out for this season.

Summer make-up is all about looking natural during the day and lively at night. Be sure to stash this nude lipstick in your tote for the BBQ. If you plan on going out at night, try this vibrant color to brighten up your outfit.

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image: istockphoto.com

It’s the summer and none of us want makeup that is smeared. Keep your face looking fresh and clean with make-up cleaning wipes.

Going to a beach or just relaxing for the weekend? Be sure to buy a pair of comfortable espadrilles. They are flat and will keep you comfortable. You can wear them anywhere.


image: istockphoto.com

Lastly, the 4th of July should be hot. You don’t want to get burned if you’re just sitting in the sun for a BBQ. Be sure to bring a loose, flowy shirt like a peasant shirt. It’ll keep you cool and you can wear them anytime.  Check out shirts available at Free People. And sunscreen. Don’t forget sunscreen.