4 Products to Keep Wine Cool

Our lineup of vineal products keeps wine at temperature with cool style and function—batteries not required

Our lineup of vineal products keeps wine at temperature with cool style and function—batteries not required

Ice Ice Baby
The Corkcicle brand had a simple, yet innovative premise: to chill wine quickly, but from the inside out—no electronic fuss. The original Corkcicle accomplished that with a freeze gel core encased by a BPA-free plastic “icicle.” When frozen and placed in an opened bottle, the stick chills whites for up to an hour and cools reds down in 15 minutes. It did it so well that the brand has spawned a host of wine chilling accoutrements, including the deluxe Corkcicle ONE (1). Now with stainless steel construction, the icy spike not only chills, but aerates, seals and pours as well. It’s an all-in-one ice saber. $50, corkcicle.com

Pearls of Wisdom
Ice cubes and wine don’t mix, but good conversation and wine certainly do. And sometimes that glass of sauvignon blanc can get a tad warm if talking lingers. SPARQ (2) stainless steel wine pearls will keep the wine chilled no matter how long the banter flows. They won’t water drinks down and the smooth, modern design adds a touch of elegance. A couple from the freezer is all it takes to ensure that though the conversation may get heated, the glasses never will. Note: they also work in whiskey, though not as rugged looking as the cube style. $30, store.sparqhome.com

Rock Steady
Stainless steel ice buckets are common but the Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler (3) is a work of art. It’s four-and-a half pounds of American-made concrete crafted into an object of form and function. As a wine chiller, it couldn’t be more simplistic. Freeze it in an ice box and get hours of cooling time without the mess of ice water. As decoration, it is a modern and elegant centerpiece that is surprisingly soft to the touch, which speaks to the artisan-quality workmanship. Its sleek angles also allow for multiple stacking arrangements. Cool design, cool wine. $75, intoconcrete.com

Cold Case
Keep it cool as you “keep on trekking.” The Rabbit Wine Trek (4) carrying case looks like just the thing Bond would use to cart along an emergency magnum of Bollinger (or transport a severed finger). It has a sleek molded silver design that cools as it protects, thanks to proprietary Chiller Wrap. The futuristic freezer pod only needs half an hour of freezer time for hours of chilling when transporting champagnes and whites to the beach, picnic or outdoor soirée. It even keeps reds cool in heat over 70 degrees. $30, metrokane.com