Lobster Quesadillas from Little|Red

This lobster recipe would be perfect for that outdoor garden party you’re having this summer. Easy to make, the gooey, buttery mix of lobster, cheddar and gruyere cheese and corn salsa forms a delicious quesadilla, perfect finger food for a party and  chic enough to impress all your guests. But you expected that from a recipe from Hamptons fast, yet sophisticated Little|Red

Lobster Quesadillas
Recipe by Little|Red
Makes 2 quesadillas

4- 8-inch tortillas
1- 1 lb Lobster steamed (knucle and claw & tail)
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup shredded gruyere
Corn salsa
Prepare Salsa:
1/2 cup Roasted corn, 1/4 diced tomato, 1/4 red onion, 2 tablepoon chopped  cilantro, squeeze of lime, tablespoon of champagne vinegar. Salt & pepper to taste.Assemble quesadillas:
Fill half side of tortilla with ingredients listed above.
Lay flat on lightly oiled frying pan, bake for 5-7 min at 350 ,remove and fold closed, brown on stove top if needed.
Cut into 3 pieces and serve with remaining salsa.