Pulse Found Your Perfect Bike

In the 1800s the original bicycles were made out of wood. Two centuries later, the bike masters at Renovo have put a modern spin on this classic material, crafting bikes that are as durable as they are beautiful. Prized for its shock-absorbing abilities as well as its striking appearance, natural hardwood is sustainable, unlike the more common metal materials used in bike making today. The engineering and testing teams at Renovo harness the innate flexibility and strength of natural materials to build frames that can offer the smoothest rides possible. The bikes are handcrafted in Portland and come in a variety of eye-catching woods, from ash to walnut, depending on the style and purpose. The selection of ready-to-ride (RTR) models are categorized by racing, off-roading or urban commuting to meet any cyclist’s needs. Starting at $3,335 for the frame; renovobikes.com.