10 Favorite Interviews

The people featured on our pages speak to an attitude we subscribe to. They are icons of the Pulse lifestyle, doing compelling things that can teach us all something. And there have been thousands over the decade. Those that didn’t make the final top 10 are no less memorable or important (LL Cool J, Donna Karan, Coldplay…) but timing is everything. When these stories dropped, they were in step with big news about the personalities’ next moves, creating ground-shaking buzz.

Natalie Rising
December/January 2013



 Legend on Legend: Santana Talks Coltrane
April 2015

julyaug15_10Interviews_0001__B0A4431 ok hi 2r 3.jpg - for press site



Iron Chef Mario Batali
November, 2010


The Once and Always Andrew Cuomo
September 2010

julyaug15_10Interviews_0003_Campaign Kick-Off_GS



Russell Simmons Spotlight
June 2010
julyaug15_10Interviews_0004_RS Edit JPEG 1



The Irony of John McEnroe
August 2009

julyaug15_10Interviews_0005_JOHN MCENROE_028cover_v3

Martin Scorsese: Cinema of Excess
February 2009


Rescue Gals – Wild Life
April 2014julyaug15_10Interviews_0006_bethstern



Making of A Bill
June 2014julyaug15_10Interviews_0007_bill2


Image Breaker: Alicia Keys
September 2009julyaug15_10Interviews_0008_Alicia_AR