Brand Ambassadors

brittni gormanjulyaug15_yearbook_0004_brittni
fulfillment and office management

I had a call from a snow bird who was retiring to Florida and wanted to renew her subscription down there. She said we’re her connection to Long Island, kind of her last ties to the place she grew up.



mike cardonejulyaug15_yearbook_0002_mike
nassau distribution

One guy stopped me who used to work in publishing, he was impressed by our manufacturing—the binding, color and actual printing. But everyone loves the food section. Someone from Oceanside told me he went to EAT Gastropub there because of an ad he saw in Pulse. In the malls people are always stopping me to take it out of my hands before I even put it down.



goran vitkovicjulyaug15_yearbook_0003_goran
hamptons distribution

People make the distinction that they read Pulse, not just look at it. One man cornered me to grab a copy because he was on his way to the airport and looking forward to his “inflight companion.” Another went on about Pulse Rate, how great the trivia was and how it made him curious to research the topics further.



paul bianchijulyaug15_yearbook_0001_pul
mid-island distribution

Recently someone stopped me about the fitness content. She told me she followed our May guidelines for getting Beach Ready and lost 10 pounds. Another got really excited because she saw her doctor in our Doctors of Distinction and it made her feel good about her choice of physician.