Enter the World of ‘Secrets and Wives’ Star Cori Goldfarb

When Cori Goldfarb isn’t working, you’ll likely find her at an outdoor concert. The Secrets and Wives star loves being out and about during the summer especially if it involves listening to music. On the Bravo reality show that follows the friendships of six affluent North Shore women as they navigate life, Goldfarb is known as the woman friends with everyone. Here, she shares her reasons for being on the show, her summer plans and a few of her favorite Long Island spots.

Long Island Pulse: Why did you decide to be part of Secrets & Wives?
Cori Goldfarb: I decided to become part of the show because I loved the idea of a show that empowers women. We go back 20 plus years and we’re all connected organically.

Pulse: What should we look forward to learning about you on the show?
CG: I think I really put it out there. I’m a mother of four, I have a stepdaughter who is 27 and then I have all teenagers. I’ve been married for 20 years and I think there’s so much to learn from our household. My husband and I started a new business together, and one of the things you’ll see on the show is how we manage a business relationship and a personal relationship.

image: Bravo Media

image: Bravo Media

Pulse: What are you looking forward to most this summer?
CG: I work six days a week but when I get some time off our happy place is in the Hamptons and spending time with my family.

Pulse: What does that time off look like for you?
CG: I love seeing people. When the weather is nice, why not take advantage of being out and about? I love music. We go to a lot of outdoor concerts. It’s not crazy, it’s just very local, mellow and cool. We’re always looking to hear what’s playing.

Pulse: Where are some of your favorite Hamptons places?
CG: On of my favorite things is something called the “opening of the cut” in Southampton. They cut into the sand at Mecox Bay and the bay and ocean become one for a day or two. It’s such a unique, fun beach. I love eating at Bobby Van’s, it’s my home away from home, it’s like Cheers. I also love going out to Montauk and to the Surf Lodge to listen to Nancy Atlas.

Pulse: What about on the North Shore?
CG: I love Miracle Mile, it’s got everything.