Guide to Summer Fun in Ocean Beach

So close and yet Fire Island seems like a whole different world. It’s often overlooked as a summer destination but you should plan at least a day of being out and about on the laid-back Island this season. To help you find some fun things to do and so Fire Island newbies know what to expect I sacrificed a day at Ocean Beach searching out the best experiences. If you don’t see or do any of this while at Ocean Beach, then you missed out on the ultimate experience.

Be prepared to do lots of walking or rent a bike



When you get off the ferry, you will see plenty of places in which you can find a bike to ride. Since there aren’t any cars on the island, most people either walk or ride a bike if they are going somewhere close.

There may not be any cars, but there are golf carts everywhere. Watch Out.


Like I said there aren’t many cars on the Island but you will definitely see people using golf carts to get around if they do not want to use a bike. The roads are very narrow, so be prepared to move out of the way so those golf carts can get through.

Don’t worry about carrying all your things. Grab a wagon. 


As you walk around, you will notice that there are plenty of wagons around the street along with stations that you can put your wagon. If your wagon is not registered, be sure to get that done if you plan on leaving it at one of the stations!

Shop, Eat, Drink 


Be sure to take a walk down Bay Walk. You will find so many places to buy souvenirs, clothes, food, and drinks it would be impossible to list all my favorites, but  check out some of these places.

  • Ice Castle Sweet Shoppe
  • Matthew’s Seafood
  • Bocce Beach
  • Fire Island Outfitters

The Best Part


Long Island is known its views of the water, but Fire Island has some of the best views and Ocean Beach definitely proves that.  When on the Island don’t forgot to just stop and enjoy the great view of the water and sky. If you don’t, you definitely need to take a trip back!

Pro Tip: Remember you have to take a ferry or a water taxi to get to different parts of the island. The ferries and taxis leave out of Bayshore.