Meet Nada & Nicole

julyaug15_yearbook_0000_nadanada marjanovich
founder, publisher and editor

We are a collection of people who see this island for what it could be: an organic, ever-evolving place defying any narrow definition. We live on the south side of the clock, always pushing a deadline. We are running through the world with our mouths open hoping to drink it all in. We’re bent on saying yes to everything for the exploration of everything, at any risk to ourselves and our sleep patterns. I started this magazine 10 years ago and I’m still constantly learning from everyone around me— the results of what we’re putting out into the world and what’s coming back. That endless dialogue is a thrill.



nicole mcconnachjulyaug15_yearbook_0022_nicole
assistant to the publisher and editor

This is where you can push yourself… There’s a lot of magic behind the scenes. And mayhem. Like renting a full-size RV and trucking it to Montauk, shooting a fashion story all day in 40MPH wind (with cast, crew, wardrobe; a cat, dog, bike…) and then driving it back to its home in New Jersey at 2AM. At the end of the day, you do everything you can to create something beautiful.