The Advertising Team

lilie peritojulyaug15_yearbook_0013_lilie
director of advertising

Each month I’m reminded how proud I am to live here. Our pages reflect what makes Long Island special—from the best beaches to the best doctors—and that translates to how readers respond to our advertisers. Contributing to the growth of someone’s business is extremely rewarding, especially when it’s so close to home.



melissa spitalierijulyaug15_yearbook_0012_melissa
assistant to the director of advertising

We’re making Long Island worthy of attention from people who don’t even live here. I recently met someone from Cobble Hill who couldn’t wait to go out to Brix and Rye in Greenport to check out the mixologist we featured. Here was this Brooklyn guy, the epitome of cool, and he looks to Pulse for guidance on where to go.




jessica fallicajulyaug15_yearbook_0011_jess
advertising sales manager

A client had a piece of her jewelry in the magazine and a couple who picked up Pulse while visiting Long Island drove back here from out-of-state the following week just to get that bracelet. We connect people and create opportunities: a smaller specialty shop in Northport was able to capture new customers and elevate its business.



kristen boltonjulyaug15_yearbook_0010_kristen

account executive

When I tell people where I work they get so excited, it makes me feel like a mini-celebrity. We are Long Island’s voice—we reach all different parts of the region and people love seeing their local businesses and neighbors on the pages. It’s about hometown pride.



alyssa grantjulyaug15_yearbook_0009_alyssa
account executive

People love that when we put locals on our covers it’s not just for show. Nelson DeMille or Beth Stern or last July when we had a very artsy portrait—it’s about iconic Long Island images. When I put it in front of a client for the first time, they can’t stop touching it because of our special matte finish.



sara paganojulyaug15_yearbook_0008_sara
account executive

My first day in advertising says it all: one of my first meetings was with a doctor—who I was watching through a viewing window while he had his hands on a patient’s heart. Immediately after that I met with a flight school instructor. Pulse touches so many different walks of life, you have to be ready for anything.


navia watsonjulyaug15_yearbook_0007_navia
advertising sales manager

Every time I’m on a meeting, people tell me they are acting on the info they see in Pulse—restaurants, shops, ads and editorial; they know if it’s on our pages it’s going to be quality. I’m from Nassau and our coverage totally opened me up to the East End, like discovering the great scene in Montauk.



julie kaplanjulyaug15_yearbook_0006_julie
account executive

When I meet with people, they light up when they talk about Pulse and all of a sudden we’re not two strangers in a meeting, there is a sense of camaraderie. Pulse makes people feel like you can fit the whole island in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Great Neck or Huntington or The Hamptons, the magazine connects us.



emily vergarajulyaug15_yearbook_0005_emily
account executive

I met with a realtor in a Starbucks and he was tentative about print advertising. A woman seated next to us interrupted to tell us that she loves Pulse and reads us every month. I didn’t plant her, but she was so dedicated to the magazine she was compelled to tell us how much Pulse influences her.