8 Lobster Recipes to Make This Summer

Lobster Tacos with Jicama and Mango Chipotle
These lobster tacos with jicama and mango chipotle are a mouthful of goodness. The secret, according to recipe creator Chef Dan Anderson of Crave Local Test Kitchen, are the fourchu lobsters, so make an effort to find them. Found off the coast of Nova Scotia, fourchu are deep sea cold water lobsters, harvested only 10 weeks of the year. The thick, hard shell of the lobsters gives way to delicate flavored lobster meat with a bit more salinity than your locally found lobsters. You can get them at Aqua Best Seafood in NYC. Get the Recipe
image: dan anderson/crave local test kitchen
LoLo's Seafood Shack
Ever since LoLo's Seafood Shack in West Harlem opened last October, Chef Raymond Mohan and owner Saki Young have been serving up delicious fresh seafood that is reminiscent of the seafood shacks found in the Caribbean but with a hint of New England. That New England twist is apparent in their popular lobster roll. The simple, timeless sandwich screams summer. Get the Recipe .
image: lolo's seafood shack
Old School Lobster Garganelli
If you're in need of impressing someone with your cooking skills or looking to step up your chef abilities, this Old School Lobster Garganelli recipe from Sag Harbor's Bell & Anchor is for you. Basil, saffron corn, onions and celery mix with steamed lobster in a garganelli pasta with cream sauce. If you've ever been to Bell & Anchor when someone ordered it, you know it's mouthwatering. Now make your own. Get the Recipe
image: bell & anchor
Robert's Maine Grill Lobster Sliders
Move over lobster rolls, there's a new lobster sandwich that is quickly becoming a summer favorite. Chef Brandon Blethen makes lobster sliders at the Kittery restaurant, Robert's Maine Grill. These aren't your typical sliders though. Homemade buttermilk biscuits form the base of the appetizer with a special blend of seasonings, mayo and butter to make the cooked lobster meat oh so tender. Just try to only eat one. Get the Recipe.
image: robert's maine grill
Lobster Quesadillas from Little|Red
This lobster recipe would be perfect for that outdoor garden party you're having this summer. Easy to make, the gooey, buttery mix of lobster, cheddar and gruyere cheese and corn salsa forms a delicious quesadilla, perfect finger food for a party and chic enough to impress all your guests. But you expected that from a recipe from Hamptons fast yet sophisticated Little|Red Get the Recipe
image: little red
Lobster Boiled in Samuel Adams Summer Ale and Spices.
A nice bottle of wine always goes with lobster, but for a more laid-back vibe you have to grab a beer. Chef David Burke took that way of thinking one step further by boiling lobster in Sam Adams Summer Ale. The crisp wheat taste of the ale combined with the additional of cayenne pepper, pickling spice, tabasco sauce and garlic are the perfect complement to lobster. Get the Recipe
image: samuel adams
Lobster Grilled Cheese
With its legendary seafood, Peter's Clam Bar has attracted generations of Long Islanders to Island Park each summer. The house favorite lobster grilled cheese is Chef Chris Seidl's signature recipe. Steamed lobster, mayo, bacon and gruyere cheese come together on Texas toast bread in the timely, summer dish. Get the Recipe
image: peter's clam bar

It’s not summer until you’ve cooked and ate a lobster. For the culinary challenged I’ll accept someone else doing the cooking, but at least once this summer go the homemade route. With the exception of lobster rolls, lobster at one of Long Island’s many seafood restaurants is normally reserved for special events. But lobster at home? That’s another story.

Think about eating gooey melted cheese with chunks of lobster in a delicious grilled cheese sandwich out on your deck as the sun sets with a local brew in hand. Or setting up a fancy dinner, candles, fine china and boiling that lobster in a mix of secret spices to impress that special someone. Lobster at home can be as low-key or upscale as you want it to be and with these recipes from eight chefs, there’s a dish for every level home cook. Get the stove ready.