VIDEO: LoLo & The Force Release ‘Only the Lonely’

Say I love you in case tomorrow never comes
You think you’re stranded but you’re not the only one
and you don’t need a reason
for saying what you’re feeling
you’ve only just begun

– LoLo & The Force

Long Island based-band, The Force, recently released the second music video in their four-part series. Much like “Solution,” inspired us to venture outside during the harsh, long, winter, “Only the Lonely,” will make you want to travel throughout the United States, perhaps telling people you love them along the way.

“I hope to make more people say ‘I love you,’” Anthony Natoli of The Force said. “I think it’s something a lot of people are afraid to say these days but in my experience if it comes from truth, and flows through truth, then it has a power to transform relationships.”

“Only the Lonely,” featuring Lauren Pritchard, LoLo, takes us on a journey around the perimeter of the United States while contemplating what it means to not say I love you.

After the success of the “Solution,” which Natoli filmed solely using his iPhone, he wanted to continue to push the boundaries of his artwork. Since his first video took place in winter and focused on New York he decided he’d make spring blooming throughout America the focus of the imagery of his new project

“I drove around the country for four weeks, clocking in over thirteen thousand miles. You fill up on more than gasoline to endure this,” Natoli said.

While the video took nearly three months of filming, editing and finessing, the song, almost wrote itself.

Saying I love you is a catchphrase of Natoli’s dad and his reply when people ask him why he says those three words so often became the opening line of  “Only the Lonely.”

“I heard my father tell a clerk at 7/11 that he loved them,” Natoli said. “When the man asked why he replied, ‘What if tomorrow never comes?’ That really struck me as truth.”

The Force and LoLo, wrote the song together in about an hour.

The goodbye sequence takes place back in New York overlooking the Manhattan skyline and the whole song will leave you anxiously waiting for the next video in the series.