Enter the World of ‘Secrets and Wives’ Star Amy Miller

On the Bravo show Secrets and Wives, Long Islander Amy Miller is known for never putting herself first. As a mother, Miller said she thinks people will relate to the struggles in her life and hopes the reality TV series shows people it’s ok to make mistakes. I caught up with Miller shortly before the premiere of Secrets and Wives to learn what we should look forward to on the show, how she’s spending her summer and where she goes to shop on the North Shore.

Long Island Pulse: Why did you decide to be part of Secrets and Wives?
Amy Miller: Because I’m a ham. No, I’m am, but really I loved the whole dynamic of being with my friends and showing the world the reality of what we go through, and I think women can totally relate to it.

Pulse: What do you hope people learn from you on the show?
AM: That it’s ok to make mistakes and that you get stronger from them. Relationships are difficult. I’ve been a mother, a wife, a fiancée. People are just going to be able to relate to those struggles. 

image:  bravo media

image: bravo media

Pulse: Which are you most looking forward to this summer?
AM: Being with my family. I love this time of year. I get to spend time with my family be out in the open air. I love strolling through the Hamptons at night, having an ice cream cone.

Pulse: When you’re on the North Shore, what are some of your go-to places.
AM: I’m not a shopper, but I like the whole department store thing. I go to Bloomingdale’s, I love my sales.

Pulse: What about restaurants?
AM: 388, Bryant and Copper, the Jolly Fishermen. I love good food. I prefer good food as opposed to the scene. Once, I was the girl at every club but then I became a mom.

Pulse: Tell me about being mom, what are some of the best parts?
AM: Every second of it is amazing, every milestone. I just lay in bed with my kids laughing, talking, I’m so happy they are home.