Guide to Better Posture

Long days at work slouching at your desk will definitely hurt your posture. Slouching just seems like the easiest and most comfortable position, but it’s actually a big problem. Bad posture has a plethora of negative effects on the body, including sore muscles and even a spinal curvature. When you slouch, your spine is not getting the support it needs to stay healthy. Don’t worry, there are plenty of exercises that will help you improve your posture.

Before doing any of these workouts, take the time out to assess your current posture. Now that you know what you need to work on, let’s get started.

Stand Straight

Do not slouch while standing. Still finding yourself slouching? Go next to a wall and stand straight up against it. Stay there for about 30 seconds and then move away. Practice this to keep a great stance.

Shoulder Rolls

When your shoulders are relaxed, you look more relaxed. Do shoulder rolls to decrease the tightness that you do have. Keep doing them, and you will notice the difference.

Head Presses

Head presses will lessen the tension between the head and the neck. Be sure to keep your neck and head straight. Lastly, keep your chin up. It may feel just a tad bit weird, but you’ll wind up loving how much less strained you feel.

Plank Pose

The plank pose won’t just help with your posture, it’ll keep those abs in place, too. Make sure your back is straight and abdominals are kept in so that the exercise will work. This exercise will strengthen your obliques. Once you feel pain, stop and rest for a little before starting again.

Workout 3+ Times Per Week

The video above will show you workouts that will improve your posture along with toning your body. Try the workout and see how it feels. If you do not like some of it, then see if you can find something to substitute that specific move.

There are many more exercises that will help you achieve better posture, so don’t be shy to try them. One last tip: don’t forget to eat healthy. Eating healthy will help you achieve your goal and it will give you the energy you need to complete these exercises.