5 Moves You Can Do Outside


image: jimmy minardi

image: jimmy minardi (credit: patricia fall)

It’s summer. Who wants to be inside of a stuffy, windowless gym when it’s so gorgeous outside? As Jimmy Minardi, founder of Minardi Training which operates year-round in East Hampton, tells his clients, “Get outside and do something you love.  That’s what’s going to keep you healthy and motivated to stick with it.”

Your local backyard or beach are the perfect setting for an outdoor gym. Minardi has designed a workout that will help lipulse.com readers turn fat into muscle by burning calories through high-intensity exercises made for the great outdoors.



Incline Press
Benefit: Strengthens triceps, shoulders and biceps

Find an incline: large rock, log, natural berm, dune or fence post

·       10 Push-ups (wrists should be directly under shoulders, back flat)

·       2 sets of 5 Alternating One-arm, One-leg Push-Ups – out-stretch your arm and opposite leg

·       Advanced version: 10 Spade Push-ups – Move hands together so your thumb and index fingers touch (forming a ‘spade’)

image: istockphoto.com/microgen

image: istockphoto.com/microgen

Mountain Climbers
Benefits: Targets abdominals, increases pelvic stabilization and mobility; cardiovascular strength

·       Find an incline: large rock, log, natural berm, dune or fence post

·       Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Position one leg forward bent under body and extend other leg back.

·       Alternate leg positions by pushing hips up while immediately extending forward leg back and pulling rear leg forward under chest line, landing on both forefeet simultaneously.

·       Two sets of 30

·       Advanced version: increase leg speed by 20 percent after each 10

image: istockphoto.com/leaf

image: istockphoto.com/leaf

Jumping Jacks (the underrated, full-body workout and one of the best weight bearing exercises on the planet)
Benefits: Provides a full-body workout; cardio, agility, targets every muscle group

·       Step into the ocean so the water reaches your ankles and adds more resistance to your workout

·       20 Jumping Jacks

·       Advanced version: 20 Deep Squat Jacks – After jumping with your feet wide, return to a deep squat to target your calf, thigh, gluteal and abdominal muscles.


image: plyometrics (credit: jimmy minardi)

Plyometrics (AKA Minardi Metrics)
Benefits: Targets abdominals, glutes, increases pelvic stabilization and mobility; cardiovascular strength

·       Find a log, stick, rocks or shells to use as a marker

·       10 Tuck Jumps:  Standing parallel to the surf, jump up and bring your knees to your chest landing just over your marker, exploding back up as soon as your feet hit the ground.

·       Advanced version: 10 Rotating Jumps:  As you jump in the air, rotate your body 180 degrees to engage your core and land in the reverse position

image: agility drills

image: agility drills (credit: jimmy minardi)

Agility Drills (Acceleration and Deceleration Intervals)

Benefits:  Complete body stabilization, coordination and mobility; works all your leg and core muscles, as well as the tendons in your body.

·       Find 10 sticks or rocks and an incline.  Space the markers ~ 3 feet apart in a vertical line, perpendicular to the surf

·       10 Intervals – Weave in and out of the markers, slalom style.  Try to be fluid and not stutter step.

Minardi is a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, snowboard instructor and open-water rescuer. He is a former pro-cyclist who is a black belt in jujitsu.

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