6 Ways to Decorate a Formal Living Room

With three huge sets of doors and windows, this living room, decorated by Gail Tarasoff of Anne Tarasoff Interiors at a Show House at Caumsett State Park, could double as a sunroom. There’s no screen and porch, but the way the sunlight shines brightly through the doors and windows make it such a “happy place,” as Tarasoff said. It’s the ideal room to spend a Sunday morning, curled up on one of the pale blue couches with the paper and a coffee. And with so much room, 40 feet Tarasoff estimated, it’s a perfect place to invite your friends and their friends for the party of the summer.

Before you send out your Paperless Posts, read Tarasoff’s advice for decorating a formal living room.

Keep It Light

Oh, color schemes, do you have to set the tone for everything? Ask anyone who has designed a room, or planned a wedding for that matter: you have to decide on colors before you decide on anything else. If the room gets a lot of light, go with a serene, easy-does-it vibe when selecting colors. “I would definitely keep in light and airy. The sky blue is just so refreshing and pretty,” Tarasoff advised. Even the window treatments stuck with a blue and cream palette.

image courtesy of http://tarasoffinteriors.com

image courtesy of  tarasoffinteriors.com

Divide and Conquer

With a large space, it’s crazy to treat it like one big room. “You have to create cozier spaces,” Tarasoff said. She created three, using a center table to separate two sitting areas. Throw blankets and pillows helped keep the room from looking too stuffy, and personal touches like family photos are a must. Tarasoff arranged some on the center table. “It’s a great place for families photos. They make a room feel like home,” she said.

You’ll Be Splurging On…

image courtesy of tarasoffinteriors.com

image courtesy of tarasoffinteriors.com

…Furniture. When you’re looking to set up those cozy spaces in a huge room, you need to a ton of furniture. “We fell in love with the curved sofas and two benches with the same silk as the window treatments.” One thing to note: this is indoor furniture. Though the room has a sunroom feel with the large windows and doors, it’s still an indoor spot, so Tarasoff chose sofas and chairs with materials made for inside.

Add A Touch of Glamour…

Tarasoff put screened mirrors on either side of the room and the center table was mirrored. “They added a little glamour to the room,” she said.

image courtesy of tarasoffinteriors.com

image courtesy of tarasoffinteriors.com

…And Some Plants…

Tarasoff used real plants, including ferns, to accent the room and bring a touch of the outdoors indoors. “Most people don’t like plants because they can’t keep them alive,” she said. “There are actually a lot of really good copies now that people like because they’re maintenance free, but you have to get really good ones otherwise they look terrible.”

Pull It All Together

Let’s be real: there’s a lot going on here. Mirrors, plants, a ton of furniture. Tarasoff created cohesion with three area rugs. “They’re all different, but they all work beautifully together and separate the spaces,” she said.

beth ann clyde

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