LILCO Advertisement: “Magical Energy Sources,” 1970

1970 LILCO Advertisement: “The¬†magic of the modern fuels is so many things.”¬†(Image from the Collection of the Suffolk County Historical Society Library Archives.)

This 1970 LILCO ad reads as follows:

Every little girl has a dream house in mind. The house that will be her own some day.

A snug and private place to shut out angry weather and hold happiness within.
There will be a bright kitchen with every modern appliance to make mother’s life cheerful and choreless. A den for father with walls of books and a comfortable chair. A pink and white nursery for baby, warm and secure. And a room that turbulent teen-agers can call their very own.

When this little lady’s dreames come true, you can be sure she’ll keep her home comfortable with the modern fuels, electricity and gas. Both of these magical energy sources are clean, efficient, and quiet. Neither has to be delivered or stored. Both are ready to use the instant you need them.

And today, electric heat provides the individual temperature controls in every room, and a special pump that heats you in winter, cools you in summer.
The magic of gas and electricity will do so much for you. Depend on LILCO to bring them right into your home.