5 Moves for a Bikini Booty

When you think about getting into bikini-body shape, your first thought is likely, “I need to tone up my abs.” Don’t forget your booty, though.

To help you get the rear end of your dreams, we turned to Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, founder, director and master trainer of Elements Fitness in East Hampton and a pro at making workouts effective and fun.

“Working the glutes is my favorite thing to do both in class and with my private clients,” she said.

After doing these moves, it’ll be your favorite thing, too. All you need is a yoga mat, your own body weight and your favorite playlist (Destiny’s Child, anyone?).

Back Dancing

Lying on your back, draw the knees into a parallel position. Slowly squeezing the abs and glutes, press the hips up, raising one vertebra at a time. Continue this movement for at least one minute. Turn on your favorite song and go to town.

Wide Second Squats

Placing the legs wider than the hips in a naturally turned out position, lower hips down to knee level and begin to pulse down an inch and up an inch. Repeat this for 30 to 60 seconds multiple times a week.

All Fours Booty Presses

Taking two palms and two knees in the center of the mat, draw one leg up to hip level. Bend the knee in and draw the heel into the glutes. Slowly press the to the side and slowly back down, lifting and lowering like a lever. Make sure to keep the weight centered on the mat. Repeat 30 reps on both legs, multiple times per week.

Clam Shell

Lying on the mat on your left side, draw the knees down and place the toes up. Press the knees down towards the mat and the toes up. Lift and lower the right leg, keeping the hips square and the toes together. Think about squeezing the glutes each time you are lifting and lower the leg. Repeat 30 times on each side.

Hair Pin

My favorite signature barre exercise, it works great following clam shell! Lying down on the left side, draw the legs out long towards the center of the body so that they are making a 90 degree angle or smaller. Begin to lift and lower the top leg slowly with the toe down and the heel up. Begin to lift and lower the top leg, squeezing the seat each time. Repeat 30 to 60 seconds on each leg.

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beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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