Expert Guide to Summer Fitness

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago the standard was weights, step aerobics and running. Now with the explosion of boutique fitness there’s hardly a week that goes by without a glossy new workout promising swift results. All the options can be overwhelming – not to mention pricey – which is why we found ourselves wondering how some of the world’s top trainers stay in shape.

Here’s a look …

PUNCH Fitness Center founder Adelino Da Costa

image: adelino da costa (credit: rob bennett)

image: adelino da costa (credit: rob bennett)

I train an average of six times per week, twice per day. Monday through Saturday, my mornings consist of 30 minutes jump rope and 60 minutes pad work. I train early, between 5:30am and 7am. The constant movement awakens the body and mind. Blood flow increases, sparking my muscles to move. I am releasing toxins from my pores, and my mind is releasing unnecessary anxieties.”

Da Costa’s Afternoon/Evening Workout:

30 minutes jumping rope – 6 times per week
60 minutes pad work – 6 times per week
30 minutes pull-ups, dips, pushups, sit-ups and squats.  – 6 times per week
Sparring – 3 times per week

“Again, constant movement is the key. The rope prepares my body for coming workout. Blood flows through the muscles (including the brain) and the mind becomes sharp, able to push to the next level. When I’m ready for the calisthenics, I maintain a constant rhythm. I do a  repetition of one exercise until I feel the struggle. I immediately move into the next  exercise, almost tricking my body because I am “resting” those muscles and am now challenging another part of the body. This cycle continues for 30 minutes, sparking a fire in all my muscles. Sunday is my rest day.”

SoulCycle senior instructor Emily Turner

image: emily

image: emily turner

“I’m definitely a girl who likes to mix things up! I teach about 13 SoulCycle classes per week, so when I’m not teaching, my body craves stretching and strengthening. I practice yoga religiously once or twice a week to balance my body and my mind. I also work with a trainer once a week to fit in my strengthening and conditioning. When I’m not with him, I love barre classes and TRX. I compete in marathons and triathlons as well. In the weeks that I’m training, I will always do one long run – in addition to my normal routine – plus swimming a couple of times each week. To keep my body healthy, I see a physical therapist to work out the kinks and prevent injury.”

Physique 57 manager of global training instructor Antonietta Vicario

image: antoniette vicario

image: antoniette vicario

“Physique 57 is my one-stop shop. In a typical week, I teach 10 classes and take at least five ranging in levels and styles. Each class offers a little something different, focusing on different muscle groups to varying levels of intensity. Nothing has changed my body like Physique 57, and it brings out the dancer in me. Plus, I love that I know I will be able to do it long term since it’s totally safe on the body. Win-win.”

Exhale Core Fusion co-founder Fred DeVito

image: fred

image: fred devito

“Living on the East End gives me a lot of options for working out. Since I am in the Exhale studio five days a week, I get my share of Core Fusion Barre, which I like to mix with Core Fusion Yoga and our H.I.I.T. class called Core Fusion Extreme. Swimming in the ocean and my personal TRX in our yard rounds out the movement practice.”

Pure Yoga power yoga and bootcamp instructor Caroline Klohs

image: caroline klohs

image: caroline klohs

“My workout routine is a combination of yoga, cardio and strength training. I work out six days a week, taking a rest day on Sundays. I run four to six miles two days a week, strength train with weights two days a week and practice Hot Power or Vinyasa Yoga three to five days a week.”