Getting to Know the Music of Kris Alberts

There is something enthralling about the music of Kris Alberts. The recently released EP Not Gonna Lie is a mix of musical styles, rhythms and grooves covering the familiar if not overdone themes of love and loss. Yet, from the playful and cheeky pop “Favorite Mistake” to the soulful ballad “One More Time,” Alberts’s music is undeniably relatable while still being very personal.

The new EP comes after a hiatus from singing and performing, one that’s left her with more drive and passion for the industry than she ever had as the young singer-songwriter that at 15 was named artist of the year in a NYC singing competition and graduated from the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Performing Arts, famous for being depicted in the 1980 film Fame. I caught up with Alberts in between shows to talk about the inspiration behind Not Gonna Lie.

Alberts in the studio. image: courtesy of kris alberts

Alberts in the studio. image: courtesy of kris alberts

Long Island Pulse: Tell me about how you got your start in music
Kris Alberts: I’ve never not been around music. My parents were both musicians and I grew up watching them perform and teaching me. It was such a big part of the love in my family. We were always having these big parties and playing piano and singing and dancing. There was really nothing else I saw myself doing.

Pulse: How would you describe your music to someone you just met?
KA: I would say it’s pop music. It has a nice contemporary Top 40s sound but it’s inspired by different elements:  R&B, groovy jazz. I grew up listening to so many different kinds of artists that it all plays into it

Kris Alberts Album Cover

Pulse: Tell me about Not Gonna Lie. What was the inspiration?
KA: When I was writing the song “Not Gonna Lie,” I was thinking about the different parts of breaking up. It’s a big part of growing up and there’s a lot of songs about missing someone or being mad. I wrote from the point of looking back at the fun times and thinking it was so much fun, I’m not gonna lie and that was the premise of the whole EP. It’s better to be honest and this is so honest and personal and everything was inspired by me and something that was going on with me. If you know me you know what I’m singing about.

Pulse: How do you hope people feel when listening to it?
KA: I want people to feel connected to me. It’s so refreshing and nice when you’re listening to an artist and you can say oh you feel that too. I want you to feel like I’m there with you and I know what you’re feeling. Feel like I’m partying with you or with some of the ballads just like I’m there listening, feeling and connected.

Pulse: Where can we hear you live?
KA: I’ll be live all over New York. All the information is on my website. I love singing to everyone.

Alberts in the studio. image: courtesy of kris alberts

Alberts in the studio. image: courtesy of kris alberts

Pulse: What do you like about performing?
KA: What do I not like about it? You know I love the recording process,  it’s so intimate: me and my producer and musicians just working on this music. But now that it’s complete I love to see people’s reaction. I feed so much off them, from their every reaction. I start off a little bit nervous and then you never want it to end. It’s a crazy adrenaline rush. I feel 10 times cooler than I really I am.

Pulse: Who do you want to hear perform? What other musicians are inspiring you right now?
KA:  I listen to a lot of Top 40. I’m a vocalist and I always listen out to voices that I think are amazing…Torri Kelly, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande.