Jewelry For Your House and Jewelry For You

If you are looking for a unique shop to finish off your outfit or living room Enia, located in Huntington Station, is the place for you. You could call it an accessories hub mixed with her husband’s lighting shop, but owner Eugena Slubski thinks of Enia as a gallery because of the beautiful pieces, like bags and necklaces, made by artisans from the Island and Africa.

“It’s like a big candy store for grown-ups,” Slubski said. “It’s jewelry for your house and jewelry for you.”

Walk through the doors, browse and try on pieces that aren’t in the pages of fashion magazines – yet. Slubski doesn’t copy the fashion magazines when she picks items for her store, she tries to beat them.


eugenia slubski: owner of enia

“It’s really just a hang out spot, to discover who you are, or to try something different,” she said.

And Slubski is the perfect host, providing herself to customers, building relationships with them so they only want to come to her. She’s there to help those who want to prove that they have a unique and trendy style, but she’s not a hard seller, saying she’d prefer customers walk out with nothing than buy something they aren’t completely satisfied with. It’s laid-back, fun and safe.

“No matter what size you are the accessory will always fit,” Slubski said. It’s the best thing the store has taught her.

Slubski and Enia celebrated the store’s grand opening in December 2014, an event she dreamt of for 15 years. After years of making tie-dye clothes and selling them from home and being a stay-at-home mom, she worked up the courage to open up an accessories shop. Though she looks to be fashion-forward when choosing pieces for Enia, Slubski is still inspired by the past. Take, for example, the name of the store. It comes from a nickname her brothers called her when they were children.



some of eugenia’s favorite things in her store.

“When my brother’s were younger, they couldn’t say Eugenia so they called me Enia. It kind of just grounds me,” she said.

As for the future, Slubski is trying to find the perfect location for her gallery. Her husband’s lighting shop is a nice home for the accessories, but she plans to expand the business and hopes to find somewhere that is fun and truly represents the store.

If You Go
326 East Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station
Instagram: enia_inspired
Facebook: Enia’s Gallery.