4 Ways to Chill Wine Fast

Summertime calls for gatherings, and whether you’re hosting an afternoon garden party, a backyard BBQ or a clambake at the beach you’re going to need some of your favorite wine.

You’ve planned and prepped to make sure that everything is ready before your guests arrive. Food is finished or ready for the grill, tables are set, wine is…still sitting in the hot car. We all lose track or time and things sometimes, but there’s no need to stress. You can chill those bottles quickly by following these steps:

First off, be sure not to chill the wine too little or too much. Each wine has an ideal temperature. Red wine should be served around 55 degrees while white wine should be served a little cooler, at about 45 degrees.

The quickest way to chill a bottle of wine requires a bucket filled with ice and water. While just wine in the bucket will cool it down in a timely fashion, if you add some salt, the bottle will chill much quicker. The salt causes the ice to melt at a faster rate resulting in it cooling the bottle.

While your bottle is in the bucket, be sure to constantly spin it around. This will help the bottle chill as the ice and water moves around it.

With a little more time to spare, grab a clean dishrag, wet it and wrap it around the bottle.

Once you do this, place it in the freezer so it can begin cooling.

If you’re really running out of time with guests already on their way, pour individual glasses for each person and then place the glasses on a platter in your refrigerator. This will quickly cool each glass individually instead of waiting for the whole bottle to chill.

After the bottles have reached the right temperatures, use an ice sleeve or one of these other products to keep them cool throughout the day.