Levain Co-Owners Share Their Hamptons secrets

image: pam weekes and connie mcdonald

image: pam weekes and connie mcdonald

If you’re into densely gooey cookies, you’ll agree with us (and Oprah…) that there’s no topping the East End’s Levain Bakery. We talked Hamptons hangout spots, what makes a perfect dinner party and more with co-owners, Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald. Unfortunately their recipes are classified as Hampton secrets…

Long Island Pulse: When and what was your first summer in Hamptons experience?
Pam Weekes & Connie McDonald: As children, visiting family in Amagansett.

Pulse: What is your favorite beach in the Hamptons?
PW & CM: During the summer the bay beaches are lovely. We love them because they’re less crowded and always swimmable.

Pulse: What’s your go-to hangout spot?
PW & CM: One of the quiet beaches on the East End or at home with friends.

Pulse: What makes the Hamptons special for you?
PW & CM: The stunning beauty, our friends and family and the amazing access to good things of all sorts!

Pulse: What makes a perfect summer-in-the-Hamptons dinner party?
PW & CM: Warm weather, clear skies, friends and the fresh, local produce, especially tomatoes, fruit, fish, wine, cheese and ice cream. And, of course, all of our delicious fresh bread, pizzas, cookies, coffee and everything else we make!