The Back Definer

So often, we forget about our backs when trying to firm up. Unlike our abs, arms and legs, it’s just not something we see in the mirror every day, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on display when it’s time to show off that beach body. Over trying to look in-shape this summer? Having a toned back isn’t seasonal. Strengthening your back muscles can help your posture, which will make you feel better and less stiff all year round (it’ll make you look thinner, too).

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What You Need for This Workout Wednesday:

3-5 lb. weights, stability ball

1 minute of alternating arm/leg supermans

1 minute of pushups to plank rows

1 minute of bird dogs

1 minute of single leg deadlifts

1 minute of back extensions

Pro Tip: Make pushups to plank rows do triple duty by keeping your core tight and glutes squeezed

Crunched for time? Every little bit counts, especially in the summer. On Wednesdays this summer, will be giving you quick, five-step workouts so you can maximize your time and results.


beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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