Five Questions With Hampton Influencer Mark Smith

image: eric striffler

image: eric striffler

As co-founder of Honest Man, the restaurant management group behind some of the East End’s most beloved restaurants including Nick & Toni’s, Rowdy Hall, La Fondita and Townline BBQ, Mark Smith is the ultimate guide to summer in the Hamptons. He shared his favorite things about America’s playground with us.

Long Island Pulse: When and what was your first summer Hamptons experience?
Mark Smith: Early 1960s when my family bought the house that my parents still live in.

Pulse: What does your ideal summer weekend in the Hamptons look like?
MS:A little fishing Saturday, work Saturday night, beach on Sunday with friends and family and some dinner at home.

Pulse: What makes the Hamptons special for you?
MS: The incredible beauty of the land and the ocean

Pulse: What makes a perfect summer-in-the-Hamptons dinner party?
MS: Some great local fish, local produce, one of my wife’s desserts, some rosé and of course some friends to enjoy it all with.