Tank Top Toner

Summer may be winding down, but you’ve got plenty of days left of wearing tank tops and short sleeves before the cooler temperatures really hit. Make the most of them by whipping your upper body into shape. This routine designed by the trainers at Core Fitness Studios, Inc. in Glen Cove, is quick but it doesn’t pull any punches.

“It’s designed with intense sculpting moves that will give you the long, lean definition in your arms and upper body we all strive for,” Audra Lianos, owner of Core Fitness Studios, Inc., said.

Many of these moves work your core as well, so don’t be surprised when your abs start to firm up.

You don’t need any equipment, so no excuses. Fire up your favorite tunes, fill up a water bottle and lace up your sneakers and you’re halfway to looking great for the rest of tank top season.

Do each move for 45 seconds, with a 15-second break in between.

Push-Up Shoulder Taps

Targets chest, shoulders and triceps

A. Get into a standard push-up position.

B. Do a push-up.

C. As soon as you come up, tap your left shoulder with your right hand while holding yourself up with your left hand. Then tap your right shoulder with your left hand while holding yourself up with your right hand. That is one repetition.

Alternating Side Plank

Targets core

A. Lie on one side with your legs straight and upper body propped on one forearm, elbow under shoulder. Contract your abs and raise your hips until your body is straight from ankles to head.

Pro Tip: Bring your top knee in towards your chest and back for an advanced modification.

B. Turn to other side and repeat.

Push-Up With Kick Through

Targets core, chest, shoulders and triceps

A. Start in a pushup position and do a push-up.

B. Lift your right leg off the ground and extend it out across your body.

C. Extend your left arm out to reach for your toe.

D. Let your torso rotate to the side your leg is extending to.

E. Use your obliques to help rotate back to the starting position.

F. Do a pushup and repeat on opposite side.

Plank To Pushup

Targets abs, chest, shoulders and triceps

A. Start in a plank position on your forearms with your feet shoulder-width apart and your lower back flat.

B. Extend one arm at a time into a pushup position and then lower yourself back down into a plank.

Push-Up with Rotation

Targets core, chest, shoulders and arms

A. Assume a pushup position, arms and legs extended, body in a straight line from head to heels. Do a pushup.

B. At the top of the move, rotate your body so the left arm lifts up and extends overhead. Your arms and torso should form a T. Return to the starting position, lower yourself, then push up and rotate until your right hand points toward the ceiling.

Repeat one to five times, depending on your fitness level.

Crunched for time? Every little bit counts, especially in the summer. On Wednesdays this summer, lipulse.com will be giving you quick, five-step workouts so you can maximize your time and results.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

Beth Ann Clyde is a social strategist of Long Island Pulse. Have a story idea or just want to say hello? Email bethann@lipulse.com or reach out on Twitter @BAClyde.