Dr. David Greuner & Drielle Valeretto



Dr. David Greuner
Cardiovascular Surgeon; Surgical Director, NYC Surgical; Chief Medical Officer, Centers for Special Surgery

As a surgeon, Dr. Greuner loves “everything about my job, from the interesting people I get to meet and develop relationships with, to the procedures I get to perform, from complex to simple.” He has been in practice for more than a decade, picking up a fair share of accolades along the way, like when his peers voted him the 2013 Doctor of Distinction in his area of medicine.

Dr. Greuner has no shortage of extracurricular activities, either. “I especially enjoy teaching others about the new developments in medicine and how far our fi eld has come in the last decade.” His charitable endeavors give him a cosmopolitan purview as well. “Our company privately funds a charitable organization, NYC Surgical Cares, as well as a variety of other organizations, such as The Heart Fund in Paris. Our goals are to bring modern, technically advanced procedures to those in countries who would otherwise not be privy to this care.”

This fall, he’s looking forward to pumpkin picking with his son and pursuing his love of speed. “I’m a huge fan of any outdoor activity or exercise… and especially those involving speed! If it goes fast, I’ll enjoy it!”

Drielle Valeretto
One Model Management

In the nine years Drielle has been modeling, she’s had “the opportunity to travel all over the world, to learn new cultures, meet new people and work with amazing/talented people” at the top of her industry. And the native Brazilian is being recognized for it in both print and on the runway.

When not wearing the fashions put on her by top designers, Valeretto still finds herself paying attention to style—Audrey Hepburn is among her favorite icons. Her co-star might be a close second, “I know it sounds cliché, but he’s the most talented person I know. He does everything by himself and his humor is the best. He can be a Spanish actor easy!”

Together the couple has been taking classes at Barry’s Bootcamp, but Valeretto is not to be messed with. “I love sports. As a good Brazilian I do capoeira and did muay thai for a couple of years.”


David and Drielle are part of our 2015 Pulse Style Guide