Erik & Sabrina Coleman


Erik Coleman
NFL Safety: NY Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, NFL Analyst (SNY) & Practice Manager at Core Medical New York

This all-around Mr. America loves his family and football and a few things in between (cars and fine cigars—he’s also a mean salsa dancer and an illustrator). Ten years ago he moved to Long Island and though the former NFL safety still can’t always find his way around, a good breakfast is all the pit stop he needs. “Every other meal I try to watch what I eat, but if a restaurant has good French toast or pancakes, no matter the time of day, I am eating!”

After nine years in the NFL, Erik spent the last two as an analyst for the Jets and almost as long as a practice manager at Core Medical NY, which finds holistic biomedical balances for a variety of patients’ health and nutritional concerns. His former career is never far behind though, “I get to study the game as if I were playing and share my expertise with the world… At Core Medical New York, I get to share my love of wellness and healthy living with people who are looking to improve their
way of life.”


Sabrina Coleman
Mom, Wife, Actress

As if it’s not enough balancing three little ones and an NFL-veteran husband, this mother of three and supportive wife is also a burgeoning actress. One with a comedic bent that could make a rock crumble with laughter. Sabrina loves acting because of “the ability to completely become someone else and find my way through the character.” It’s very likely we’ll be seeing more of her around in the near future.

The idea of “feeling good, looking good” is a mantra Sabrina instills in the family—one that’s rooted in old-fashioned Italian traditions. “We do our best to show our kids healthy living. I love to cook and bake, and Erik loves to eat… my family’s recipes [are] from way back when we had our first bakery in Sicily in the 1920s to the restaurants they currently own.”


Sabrina and Erik are part of our 2015 Pulse Style Guide