PHOTOS: A Day at Hampton Classic

Getting set to browse everything from cars to lust-worthy handbags at Boutiques Garden.
Maison Galet shoes outside the brand's van. “This set up really represents our brand in a very small space, that sense of traditionalist design and manufacturing and craftsmanship with a very colorful, lighthearted twist,” co-founder Javier Goggins said.
These tops and pants from Ariana Rockefeller are perfect transition and layering pieces for fall.
Angle New York Luxury Tennis makes gear with UV-protected yarns.
Taking a look at some GiGi New York handbags. See more when the Long Island Pulse September issue comes out.
Come for the horses, leave with a Vespa from Hampton Motorsports.
These gorgeous blooms from Swan Creek Farms smell as wonderful as they look.
A day at Hampton Classic is not complete without a trip to Harry's for fresh-squeezed juice, lemonade and lime fizz.
Snaks Fifth Avenchew came with delicious treats for humans, dogs and horses.
A beautiful day to take in some action from the grandstand.
Front row seats for the Junior Jumper Competition at Hampton Classic.
Kelli Cruciotti of Serenity Equestrian Ventures placed second on Zidante and third on Wallenberg (pictured) in the Junior Jumper competition.
Riders and horses getting some practice in at Hampton Classic.
A graceful leap during the Amateur Owner Jumper competition.
A horse basking in the sun at Hampton Classic.

With the sun shining, barely a cloud in the sky and 80-degree weather, Wednesday, Aug. 26 was the quintessential Long Island summer day and a perfect one for heading to Bridgehampton for Hampton Classic.

Crowds of people browsed booths in Boutiques Gardens and Stable Row for designer clothes, handbags and even vespas. Maison Galet was still beaming from being named Best Designed Boutique Tuesday, Aug. 25, when they were presented with a first-place ribbon by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Equestrian Stylist’s Ashley Kline.

“Everyone here is in boxes. Some people have done a really great job, but the van allows us to express ourselves the way we want to,” said Maison Galet, director of Jonathan Horemans.

The little orange van is the center of Boutiques Gardens, with classic yet playful loafers that can be machine washed has stood out for its bright color and the fact that it has gone off the booth-beaten path.

“I think people here in the Hamptons really care about individuality in terms of independent restaurants, coffee shops and bars,” said Javier Goggins, who co-founded Maison Galet with Horemans “It has a little more character than other places, which is great for us because we’re really able to represent our brand here.”

As the temperatures rose, people flocked to Harry’s for a refreshing sip of fresh-squeezed lemonade. While there, they meandered over to the Farmer’s Market, where they picked up tasty treats for themselves and their pets at Snaks Fifth Avenchew and got ahead of the game by picking out a pumpkin at Milk Pail (yes, pumpkin season is upon us).

All the while, Junior Jumpers competed in the Grand Prix ring, and Katherine Strauss of Katherine Strauss LLC took first riding All In. Kelli Cruciotti of Serenity Equestrian Ventures grabbed the next two spots, placing second on Zidante and third on Wallenberg. Riding All Star De L’Aube, Lacey Gilbertson of Seabrook LLC was the top finisher in the Amateur Owner Jumper competition.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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