How To Iron a Shirt

A dress shirt is a wardrobe staple, but no matter how good the fit, it’s all about the finish. Once that sleek, wrinkle free polish is achieved, it says “ready for anything” the same way battle armor might. Thus the art of ironing a classic button down is a necessary skill. To achieve the ultimate crisp shirt, it takes 30 seconds of prep time and less than five minutes of work.

Step 1: Always be sure to check the material of the shirt. Irons are now made with a dial to indicate the specific setting for the fabric type. If unsure, adjust the dial to the lowest setting. While waiting for the iron to heat up, spritz the shirt with water and position it on the heavy, square end of the ironing board.

Step 2: Start from the top and small areas. Cuffs and collar should be ironed on the inside first then on the outside to make sure they are flat and de-wrinkled.

Step 3: Work on the shoulders and sleeves next. When pressing these areas, they require ironing over two layers. Go slowly checking that the material is laid flat. Start with the end of the shoulder along the seams and continue downward. Flip and repeat.

Step 4: Move on to the larger areas: the front panels and the back. Before working the front, iron the button panel from the inside. This avoids melting the buttons and having to go in-between each one.

Step 5: Return to the outer shirt and iron from the outer edges in. Go along the seams and work towards the center. On the rear of the shirt, start at the top seam, iron to the outermost edges and then finish with the middle.