Makeover Your Master Suite

When faced with a client whose decorating style is hard to pin down, the design duo at Chasin & Gilday Interiors looks to the closet for inspiration. Clothing styles, colors and accessories can all provide much needed direction regarding personal taste. “When we look at a client’s closet, we notice that the colors they tend to wear are what are most attractive on them and to them,” said Valerie Gilday, co-owner of the Manhasset-based design firm. “I think we all tend to do that as a matter of course.”

When a client facing retirement was downsizing to a condo for one, Gilday and her partner Hilary Chasin did just that. They raided the client’s closet and discovered her sophisticated, feminine style. In the master bed and bath, the team wanted to incorporate décor that was mature, but still fresh and trendy. “Our client likes to wear jewelry to really finish her outfits, we felt it important to add that sense of sparkle to the space,” Chasin said. Metallic touches unite both rooms, with silver accents found in the hardware, fixtures, mirrored credenza, the headboard’s nailhead trim and even the bathroom tile.

master suite makeover

credit: tim williams

The room’s color palette is derived from one of her favorite shades to wear: soft purple hues that are feminine and inviting. Subtle, yet liberal gray accents keep the room feeling stylish, not childish. The textured bed linens glow with a subtle sheen, adding dimension without feeling fussy. Paired with the stark white linen headboard, the dramatic contrast makes the bed the focal point of the space. The dark accent wall is Benjamin Moore’s Grappa, a warm, rich shade of grape that draws the eye to the room’s centerpiece. “Often, people are afraid to use such a deep, deep color, but it actually serves to lighten the rest of the space,” Chasin said. “Everything else kind of pops off of it.”

To tie the master bed and bath together, Chasin and Gilday decided to paint a foot-wide border above the bathroom tile the same gray as the bedroom. The clean lines of wide tiles and contemporary fixtures are as easy on the eyes as they are to maintain, a matter of importance to the client. “We tried to pick things that were easy to take care of to keep her room looking neat and organized without spending a lot of time,” Gilday said. The result is an uncomplicated, modern space that’s practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Function proved as vital as fashion in the design, since this master suite needs to carry the client well beyond retirement. Many of the pieces pull double duty, with hidden features that add practicality and minimize electronic eyesores. The bedside tables conceal a charging station in the top drawer. The sconces flanking the bed include a flexible reading light. The medicine cabinet opens to reveal a foldout magnifying mirror. And the shower bench doubles as a seat and extra storage. Gilday noted, “As beautiful as it is now, we made sure it was something that she would be able to use comfortably for many years to come.”