Streamline Your Morning Beauty Routine

IMG_2212-2There’s just something easier about summer, lots of vacations, no busses to get the kids to, but summer days are almost over. Things are about to speed up, and whether you’ve got children to feed and rush to school or a colleague who is back from a month-long trip to Europe sending you e-mails (and text messages and Facebook messages), it’s completely understandable that by the time you’re ready to do your makeup in the morning, you already feel like you’ve put in a half day’s work. Then, you look in the mirror at 8:30am and your hair is a total disaster, you have puffy eyes and you needed to be out the door 15 minutes ago, and hey, by the way, where the hell is that mascara? Traffic on the LIE may be a nightmare every morning, but your beauty routine should never have to be.

I turned to East End native, creator and founder of Veridatta Skin, Rebecca Underdown to learn her secrets to going seamlessly from breakfast table to mirror to work.

“It’s really good to have a streamlined routine that way you don’t have to over think anything in the morning, you’re already set up,” Underdown said.

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Get Polished Hair

Before Bedtime 

A little prep work the night before is the secret to rolling out of bed with great locks. Underdown, who splits her time between California and New York, loves spritzing argan oil in her hair before she goes to bed. “It essentially is a moisturizer so instead of having very dry ends, it nourishes the actual strands of the hair,” she said. Underdown goes for two sprays when she’s on the drier West Coast, but she recommends one spritz for Long Islanders to prevent it from looking greasy.

That Morning

If you did your homework and used the oil, Underdown recommends using a dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil. “Then, put your hair up in a cute bun,” Underdown said. “There’s life to your hair because it hasn’t just been washed. It’s a bit of a beach-y look.” And no, there’s nothing wrong with rocking a beach-y look all year round. Just consider yourself California cool.

Glowing Skin

Get ahead by taking care of your skin before you hit the sack (credit: veridatta skin)

Get ahead by taking care of your skin before you hit the sack (credit: veridatta skin)

Before Bedtime

Keep that summer glow all year round. Before you hit the sack, relax and unwind with a 10-minute mask. “If you have the extra time and you want to be really luxurious, you can add Mamuka honey and you can put that on the skin for five minutes after the mask,” Underdown said. Mamuka honey is a natural way to clear up skin problems like dryness, aging and acne while regenerating skin and let’s be real, you totally deserve an extra five minutes to yourself. Gently take it off with a cotton ball when time is up. If you don’t have the honey, Underdown recommends putting on an anti-aging, regenerating cream. “That way, your cells are being stimulated throughout the night so you can wake up with glowing skin,” she said.

streamline your morning beauty routine_skin

Raw Coconut Day Repair (image: veridatta)

That Morning

Underdown can’t stress the importance of using a toner enough. “You need to astringe the skin and then apply your day cream,” she said. Make sure that day cream boasts both anti-aging and regeneration, like Veridatta Skin’s Raw Coconut Day Repair. “It helps increase cell turnover and gives you healthier skin for longer periods of your life. Why not anti-age and moisturize rather than just moisturize?” she said. We can’t think of a good reason.

Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness

Ah, dark circles and puffy red eyes. You’ve gotta love them, especially because they always seem to make an appearance the day of a big presentation. They’re a result of excess blood underneath the eye, and if you want to banish them, you need to stimulate blood. “Use an eye serum,” Underdown suggested. It’ll get the blood flowing.

Bed Sheet and Pillowcases

Change your bedding regularly for better skin (image:

Change your bedding regularly for better skin (image:

Silk sheets with high thread counts are a favorite recommendation of beauty experts, and Underdown loves them, too (who doesn’t?), but one of the best things you can do for your skin is laundry. It’s not as fun as silk sheets and high thread counts, but stick with us. Frequently changing your pillowcases helps fight breakouts. “You should be washing them every two days,” Underdown said. Or just throw them in the hamper, put on a new set and get to the laundry when you have time.


You juggle things all day, so don’t feel badly about wanting the same from your beauty products. Multi-tasking products, like moisturizers with SPF, are a busy woman’s best friend. “I really like the 2-and-1 blemish stick,” Underdown said. Look for something that has salicylic acid in it that way it’s fighting the pimple along with covering it up.

Get Organized

streamline your beauty routine_travel_beauty_bag

Putting items in a beauty bag, like this Veridatta Skin travel kit, will help you stay organized (credit: Veridatta Skin)

With everything you have going on in the morning, you can’t be frantically looking through drawers looking for blush. Throw your regular makeup products in a mini-makeup bag that you keep in your bathroom and then can put into your purse of the day. If you travel a lot, Underdown suggests putting makeup products in one mini-bag, travel bags work great, and skin products in another. “That way, they’re easily found and transportable.”

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

Beth Ann Clyde is a social strategist of Long Island Pulse. Have a story idea or just want to say hello? Email or reach out on Twitter @BAClyde.