Right on Time

Taking Back Sunday did it well. Brand New did it even better. And in creating what can only be described as “pop-prog,” Long Island based quintet Time King is making their bones, and a good bit of quality noise, by blending a clean, upbeat approach with deft chops, tricky arrangements and a funky mix of chordal power and melodic sweetness. The result moves, grooves and engages, and gives Time King a chance to go big.

“We like to really dissect our music from the perspectives of musical content and production, so there is a lot of deliberate nuance to what you hear,” said Time King guitarist Brandon Dove. “Our goal is to take that passion for the geeky, tech side of things and present it in a format that is accessible or digestible for more than just the musicians’ audience. We want to create music that speaks something to everyone, whether it be a musician who’s looking for something to challenge their ear or someone who just wants to hear a catchy song with lyrics they can relate to.”

After several years of tweaking their material and their lineup, Time King’s first fully original effort does the job. Tunes like “The New,” and “Take Cover” reveal a project that’s complex but not stodgy, nuanced but not tedious. The Time King sound draws you in with intricate guitar interplay, and then takes off with a rhythm section that grooves deep and wide. The end result is danceable rock music for math nerds that evokes influences as varied as Foster the People, The Mars Volta and even a touch of theory based jazz humming beneath the surface.

“Our approach definitely reflects these diverse tastes combined with the fact that the majority of us study music formally in some way,” said Dove. “We’re total geeks and love upholding that geekiness.” And beyond that, Time King appears to be having a great time; their live energy is infectious and their group mind is obvious.

The digitally released collection Suproe will culminate in an actual CD release in September, which the Time King will celebrate with a “breakout” gig at Revolution in Amityville on Sept. 4.

“We have developed a wonderful and loyal fan base in the Metro area over the past few years,” said Dove. “But now is the time for us to branch out to new audiences. Having an online presence in other states (and even countries) is great and helpful, but touring and physically getting in front of new crowds is something we are eager to take on.”

drew moss

Drew Moss is an SAT/ACT specialist, college advisor, journalist and filmmaker. He guest lectures at Adelphi University and lives in Long Beach with his wife and children. See his work at http://drewmoss.com.