How to Eat Like You’re on Vacation Without Leaving New York

Who says you have to leave town to feel like you’re on vacation? Armed with our taste buds and a burning desire to experience a slice of life dissimilar to ours, we scoured New York for some of the wildest and un-American food we could find. Take a look at the results of our hunt and feel like you’re on vacation… even for just one meal.

Italy: San Marzano

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of san marzano/facebook

Serving only homemade pasta with a choice of several different sauces, San Marzano is a precious gem in the city’s food scene. Grab a glass of wine or a beer and order the plain pasta with tomato sauce. Trust us on this one. 117 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, 212-777-3600

Iran: Colbeh

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of colbeh restaurant group

As traveling to Iran might prove a bit difficult these days, we settle for some traditional cuisine in a more familiar environment. Colbeh serves delectable Iranian fare in unpretentious settings throughout Long Island and Manhattan. In order to try a bit of everything, we suggest ordering a combination. Our personal favorite? The tadig, of course. Various locations

Japan: Sushi Yasuda

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of sushi yasuda/facebook

Nestled on the East side of Manhattan, Sushi Yasuda is as high-end as sushi can get. The eatery flies its fish in straight from Japan and, in true Japanese fashion, refuses to take tips. 204 E 43rd Street, Manhattan, 212-972-1001

France: Bar Frites

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of bar frites/facebook

Snag a table outdoors while the weather is still warm and pretend you’re eating in a Parisian café. Sure, the scenery leaves a bit to be desired, but the food is excellent. We’re partial to the eatery’s brunch menu. Wheatley Plaza, 400 Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale, 516-484-7500

Greece: Souvlaki GR

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of souvlaki gr

Although Souvlaki GR’s food is merely satisfactory, the restaurant’s décor is truly reminiscent of Greek island Mykonos. Revel in the space’s atmosphere and order a variety of dishes to share with your fellow diners. You will be returning here very often. 116 Stanton St., Manhattan, 212-777-0166

Israel: Taim

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of taim/facebook

Definitely a grab-and-go place, this Manhattan eatery serves some of the freshest and most delicious falafel you can find outside of Israel. We suggest you grab your lunch and walk to Washington Square Park to take in at least a little bit of the greenery that would define your experience in Israel. 222 Waverly Place, Manhattan, 212-691-1287

China: Mission Chinese Food

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of mission chinese food/instagram

Closed on Mondays and open only for dinner every other day of the week, Mission Chinese Food took New York’s foodie world by storm when it opened back in 2012. Now in a new location and boasting a refined menu, the eatery offers modern takes on classic Chinese cuisine. 171 East Broadway, Manhattan, 212-432-0300

India: Diwan

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of diwan/facebook

Although the environment doesn’t scream “India,” the food at Diwan is as authentic as it gets. Make sure to order a few different kinds of naan (traditional flatbread) before choosing between the Lahori lamb chops, the tandoori vegetable tower, and the chicken tikka as your main. 37 Shore Rd., Port Washington, 516-439-4200

Mexico: Besito

international eats in new york

image: courtesy of besito/facebook

A beautiful atmosphere complements great Mexican food in the heart of Roslyn and Huntington. Grab a margarita at the bar before ordering some guacamole and an enchilada at the table. 1516 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-484-3001, 402 New York Ave., Huntington, 631-549-0100