Beach Plum Glazed Long Island Duck Breast

Duck has never tasted better. Executive Chef Daniel Kenny of Cape Cod’s Sea Crest Beach Hotel’s favorite duck recipe is simple and elegant, not to mention delicious. The sweetness of the plum glaze balances the earthy the tones of the duck. Add sides of leek and fingerling potato hash, French beans and La Belle Farm Foie Gras for a robust fall meal. Enjoy with a fruit zinfandel or pinot noir.

Beach Plum Glazed Long Island Duck
Recipe by Executive Chef Daniel Kenney of Cape Cod’s Sea Crest Beach Hotel

Makes 2 portions

2 each fresh Long Island or Peking Duck Breast
Three sprigs fresh thyme
2 each laurel leaf (fresh bay leaf)
2oz Cape Cod Beach Plum Jam
1 long stalk leek
1 large shallot
8oz fingerling potatoes
Cape Sea Salt
Cracked Black Pepper
4oz cleaned French beans
3oz Rendered duck fat
8oz poultry jus/stock
4oz Fresh La Belle Farms Foie Gras

Begin by scoring the duck skin and rendering the fat in a medium hot sauté pan.

Add the thyme sprigs and bay leaf and cook duck breast skin side down, until the fat has rendered by half.

Turn the breast over in the pan and continue cooking for about five more minutes.

Remove the medium rare duck breast and let rest on a side plate, then brush liberally with the room temperature beach plum jam.

Wash and dice the leek, using all the white bottom section and only going up the stalk half way (do not use the overgrown dark green section of the top).

In a medium hot sauté pan, heat the duck fat and begin sautéing the leeks.

After five minutes, add the sliced fingerling potatoes, sea salt and cracked pepper.

Pan roast the leeks and potatoes together in the duck fat until they are golden brown and fully cooked, reserve on clean cloth to remove excess duck fat.

Season the foie gras with sea salt and cracked pepper and sear rare in a high heat pan, then slice the duck breast after is has rested properly and plate accordingly with hash, foie gras, sliced breast and reduced poultry jus.