5 Things We’re Loving on Pinterest: Fashion and Beauty

We’re a bit obsessed with fall fashion at the moment. The pages of our September issue are full of style guides and the latest beauty trends that makes us feel fine about saying sayonara to summer. And we continue to be inspired by the fall looks and styling tips we’re seeing on Pinterest. Take a look at our favorites, tell us yours and be sure to follow Long Island Pulse on Pinterest for your guide to fashion, beauty and life in style.

Boots, 20 Ways

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image: pinterest.com/bonbonbreak

Fall means breaking out the boots. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the versatile footwear is made for so much more than walking 40 miles through snow to get to school every morning (what did we ever do without four-wheel drive?). Boots can be worn with dresses now, over jeans later and so many other ways you’ve never even thought of. Get inspired with this pin, courtesy of Bon Bon Break.

Your Perfect Pink Lipstick

There are rules for choosing pink lipstick. Makeup.com tells you what they are. Once you’ve found the perfect shade for your pout, use our hot list of new beauty products out this fall to help you find the brand that has it (and some other must-haves for your makeup bag).

Transition With Leather

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image: pinterest.com/fabfashionfix

Leather is still very much a thing for fall fashion, and you can absolutely wear it to work. We couldn’t help but pin this look from fabfashionfix.com onto our women’s style board. The knee-length pencil skirt is totally office appropriate. Pair it with a crisp striped button-down and a burnt orange blazer for a perfect summer-to-fall transitional outfit. Slip on bracelets in multiple metals, a thick watch and structured purse and get ready to stop traffic walking through the parking lot to your office.

Fall Tales

image: pinterest.com/buzzfeed

image: pinterest.com/buzzfeed

Ponytails are no longer just for working out. You probably knew that, but did you know that a double pony can make your hair longer and fuller or that a double knotted pony is a super-cute twist on the classic style? Also, how the heck do people wrap that tiny strand of hair around their elastics?  Buzz Feed broke it down. For more hair and beauty hacks that will get you out the door looking great in the morning, read our piece on how to Streamline Your Morning Beauty Routine.

Genius Items You Didn’t Know Existed

LBD, check. Cashmere sweater, check. A perfect pair of pumps, check. Beer Koozie gloves…wait, what? Yes, Beer Koozie gloves exist. So are secret stash scarves (great for sticking passports, lip gloss and lunch money) and hoods that double as a baby carrier. Listotic found 25 things we didn’t know existed but now suddenly need.

What’s inspiring your fall fashion? Tell us in the comments below.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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