Swimming for Success

Don’t pack up that bathing suit. You can supercharge your athletic goals and change up your workout routine by swimming all year long.

“Swimming is the perfect complement to cross-training, including rehabilitation from injury, as it provides low-impact cardiovascular fitness that simultaneously strengthens and stretches muscles while easing aches and pains,” said Lisa Baumann, Program Director of Excel Swimming in East Meadow.

Headquartered at the Nassau County Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Excel Swimming is the largest adult swim program on Long Island, offering its 250 active members a wide variety of programs for all swim-levels and multiple purposes.

“Participants enroll in the Excel program for a variety of reasons ranging from weight loss goals to stress reductions, from pool and open water to multi-sport (triathlon) competition, and for the simple pleasure and motivation that comes from shared aquatic physical activity with like-minded individuals,” Baumann said.

The Excel swim program appeals to a large age range. Current participants range from ages 18 to 88 and programs are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, making it possible and easy to learn in private, semi-private and group settings tailored to your preferences and needs.

Additionally, the Excel program hosts special events like the Excel Swimming Party, which will be held at Holy Child Academy Mansion in Old Westbury Sunday, Oct. 18 from 3 to 6pm. Guests are invited to enjoy swimming, playground games, food and drink.

Annual events, special programs, swimming in an environment that will cater to your personal needs: the Excel swim program truly offers everything, and it is the perfect way to kick start your athletic endeavors and change up your workout routine.

“Combining swimming’s benefits with a variety of cross-training activities is an excellent way to promote health and fitness, reduce the risk of injury and maintain a high level of motivation and interest through exercise diversity,” Baumann said.

samantha wieder

Samantha Wieder is a 2014 summer intern at Long Island Pulse. She is a junior at Binghamton University. Follow her on Twitter at @samashwieder.