VIDEO: A Nostalgic Farewell to Summer

I’m still chasing all these memories that I cant see
looking for ghost from summers drenched in heat
she comes to me in a hazy dream
I need to let go and say what I need to say
– The Force featuring John Nolan and Tiger Darrow

Bid summer farewell with the groovy, nostalgic sound of The Force’s latest music video, “Yours.” The Long Island-based band of Anthony Natoli, John Secolo and Nick Carbone recently released the third music video in what will be a four-part EP.

After driving all around the country for “Only the Lonely,” “Yours,” featuring John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run and Tiger Darrow, was shot entirely on Long Island.

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“I’m really proud of where I come from and really how can you beat summer on Long Island,” Natoli said. “You’re no more that 30 minutes from a beach at any given moment, we have awesome food, it’s beautiful here, and you may not realize it but you’re somehow connected to everyone.”

“Yours,” has more of a pop feel than the previous videos. A chance encounter with Ed Burns set in motion a music video inspired by films that remind Natoli of summer on Long Island.

“He is the king of do it yourself, low budget, high quality material and I set my goal as the same,” Natoli said. “I always liked an underdog, someone who can take nothing and turn it into something.”

With his iPhone 6 in hand Natoli and actors Shannon McBride and Jacob Bitzer set out to film. Valley Stream and Long Island play the backdrop but there are references to Jaws, Back to the Future, Star Wars and Pee Wee Herman throughout.

Lyrically, “Yours,” pays tribute to Natoli’s grandmother, who passed away as he was wrapping up the music video.

“She used to like to tell us how she made my grandfather chase her through life and how he loved to chase her so that was a big inspiration to the music,” Natoli said. “The music always affects the story of the video.”

“Yours,” “Only the Lonely,” “Solution” and one final yet to be released song will be part of a four-song EP, The Force is planning to release this winter. The final song and corresponding music video will take place this fall and Natoli isn’t sharing much other than to say that his Halloween birthday party will be included in the filming.

“I’m excited to see what we come up with,” Natoli said. “It’s almost like it will be a new band when this new song comes out.”