9 Ways to Win Bar Bet This October

Our famed trivia page might just help you win a bar bet

Pluto is in need of some eco-activists! The “maybe” planet has lost half its atmosphere in two years. As it moves further from the sun, its atmospheric temperatures drop and ultimately disintegrate.

No wonder New York is always on its high horse…Manhattan has free rein over Jerome Park Reservoir. Deep beneath the waters lies the storied Jerome Park Racetrack that hosted the Belmont Stakes in 1867.

Betsy Ross did sew American flags in the late 1770s, but grand- son William Canby wrote an article admit- ting there was no proof she hemmed the first.

Chips…In…Spaaace! Astronauts use tortillas in place of bread to avoid crumbs.

Humans and apes are the only mammals that have to learn how to swim. Though most other mammals use the doggie paddle motion, it’s instinctive, not trained.

“Let’s go out to the lobby, let’s go out to the lobby and buy ourselves… some exotic interna- tional snacks!” While americans quibble about “topping,” the rest of the world is eating large at the cinema: Japan’s go-to is dried sardines, Colombians go for roasted ants, Norwegians hock dried reindeer meat and Barbadians are all about the Bajan fish cakes.

Shakespeare’s story of star-crossed lovers was internationally crowd sourced. The French translation of an Italian Matteo Bandello story was the impetus for Arthur Brooke’s 1562 narrative poem The “Tragical

History of Romeus And Juliet.” The Bard’s version came about 30 years later.

According to researchers at Columbia University and Harvard, creativity can be boosted by a sarcastic attitude. Yeah, we’re sure that was a real extensive study (eye roll).

During your next coffee shop stop, be the ultimate hipster and request a hot Dr. Pepper. In the 1960s, the soft drink was drunk hot and flat as an alternative to hot cocoa or tea.