How to Shine Your Shoes

Polishing the kicks is no frivolous deed. Stepping into an interview, meeting or event in newly shined shoes makes a fantastic first impression. But for whatever reason “shoe guys” are not as common out in the ’burbs as they are in the city, making it necessary to occasionally DIY. Under the umbrella of anything worth doing is worth doing well…

how to shine your shoes

Step 1: Be sure to have all the necessary ingredients. This includes the correct color shoeshine—black, navy or brown—a horsehair polish brush and a chamois buffing cloth. When all is assembled, lay down newspaper or an old cloth to prevent messes.

Step 2: Using a damp cloth, clean shoes of all debris and dirt, then thoroughly dry with an old cloth. This step is imperative for the eventual gleam. After shoes are fully dried, apply a dab of shoeshine using the polish brush. A cotton ball is good for getting in the nooks and crannies. Let the surface dry for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Employing the same shoe polish brush, wipe off excess polish. Apply a clean buffing cloth in circular motions to create the ultimate luminosity.

Pro Tip: To maintain the brand new look, invest in shoe-shapers to avoid creases and cracks.