The Soulful Pop of Melody Rose

Huntington native Melody Rose was five the first time she was in a recording studio. Or at least the first time she remembers it. She was probably younger. The soulful singer/songwriter grew up going to band practice with her mother and seeing rock concerts with her father. It was basically destined she become a singer. Her newest release, the single “Lighting Strikes,” is deep and soulful but with a tempo that makes the song feel anything but heavy. It will leave you wanting to listen to more. She attributes her unique vocal style to her varied musical upbringing. And that broad spectrum of interest transcends her daily routine. In between setting up her new home recording studio and playing at the wineries she talked about that upbringing, the inspiration for her latest single and when we can expect new material with Long Island Pulse.

Long Island Pulse: Was there a watershed moment when you knew you wanted to be a singer?
Melody Rose: It’s funny, I’ve always been surrounded by music. My mom was a singer, so growing up I went to band rehearsal with her and the recording studios. On the other side, my father worked in the touring industry so I grew up going to all these famous rock concerts.

Pulse: Tell me about those rock concerts, which ones really stood out?
MR: U2, Billy Joel, the Grateful Dead. There were a lot, but those are the main ones that really stuck out.

Pulse: Obviously, that early history influenced you, but what else has had an affect on your music?
MR: A lot of classic rock, David Bowie, the Beatles, but also Sarah Bareilles and Norah Jones. I studied jazz and opera and love Ella Fitzgerald.

Pulse: How would you describe your music to someone you just met?
MR: I would call it adult contemporary pop. It’s very jazz and soul influenced.

Pulse: What inspired your single “Lightning Strikes?”
MR: It’s a funny story. I was writing about being in a new band I was in after my old band fell apart. I was pretty discouraged and when I was rehearsing I kept getting electrocuted by my microphone. So, shocked by your electric lips is actually about being shocked, but it’s also about being excited about being in a new relationship, for me it was a musical one.

Pulse: Wow, that’s a crazy story. What are you working on?
MR: We just set up a home studio in my house and I’m going to be doing some new YouTube videos and then hit the full recording studio in the winter to work on an album.

Pulse: Now that the studio is at home do you feel like you’re always working?
MR: No, I really love it. Recording doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s a very fun and creative outlet.

Pulse: What about performing, do you like one over the other?
MR: Both are different aspects of fun to me. In the studio I really like to experiment with different sounds and ideas but live lets me connect with people.

Pulse: What’s been your favorite live performance?
MR: Back in March I opened for Howard Jones at the Paramount. It was such an awesome experience. I played to a crowd of 700, and it was just an incredible experience to be able to do.

Pulse: Where can we hear you next?
MR: I perform at a bunch of the wineries. Milk and Sugar in Bayshore every Thursday. New performances are always on my website.