5 Wine Harvest Festivals Not to Miss

We admit it was hard saying goodbye to beach season but we’re glass half-full type of people. Let’s take a moment to count the ways in which we love fall;  apple, cider doughnuts, grapes, the ability to indulge in delicious treats with the knowledge it’ll be months before bikini season comes back around, pumpkins, grapes again. Long Island wineries are busy harvesting and that means wine harvest festivals.

Since wine was first made about 8,000 years ago, the grape harvest has been a time for celebration. It’s a beautiful time of year to raise a glass and toast the vines and people who bring us the gift of wine. Here are our picks for the wine harvest festivals you don’t want to miss.

Grape Gallop at Sparkling Pointe

wine harvest festival

Get your excerise in first. image: grape gallop

The Northeast’s “premier event that pairs wine with exercise” comes to the North Fork with a fun run followed by sparkling wine. Oct. 3, 7:30am-11:30am, $75 race fee, grapegallop.com

Wölffer Estate Annual Harvest Party

wine harvest festival

Wölffer Estate’s annual harvest party is not to be missed.

A family-friendly event with grape stomping, barrel rolling, music, wine and food. Oct 10, noon-5pm, $135, wolffer.com/events.

 Benmarl’s Annual October Harvest Grape Stomping Festival

wine harvest festivals

Grape stomping. image: aluxum

Stomp some grapes, drink some wine, dance to live music…embrace all that is lovely about fall. Oct. 10-11, noon-7pm, $20 per person, benmarl.com/events

Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival

Learn all about barrel aging at a wine harvest festival. image: camaralenta

Learn all about barrel aging at a wine harvest festival. image: camaralenta

A taste of harvest time in NY’s favorite borough. Nov. 14, 3-6pm or 8-11pm, $65+, newyorkwineevents.com

NYC Autumn Wine Festival


More than 175 wines will be available for sample at the NYC Autumn Wine Festival.

Raise a glass or two to wine in NYC. The NYC Autumn Wine Festival includes three hours of tasting and more than 175 wines, plus light food and live jazz. Nov. 21, 3-6 or 8-11, $99 newyorkwineevents.com