Hamptons International Film Festival 2015 Begins

When Dennis Quaid first read the script for Truth he said it was like watching the film. On Thursday night Quaid, cinephiles and East End locals got to experience the real thing when Truth opened the 23rd Hamptons International Film Festival.

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Quaid, alongside Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, starred in the intense, insightful film on the controversial 60 Minutes investigation of George W. Bush’s military record that ended Dan Rather’s career as a CBS news anchor.


“Dan Rather was an icon to me,” said Quaid.

The film, a first from Director James Vanderbilt, is based on the 2005 memoir written by CBS producer Mary Mapes, Truth and Duty: The Press, the President and the Privilege of Power. In the film, Quaid is Colonel Roger Charles who was part of the original investigative team, Blanchett is Mapes and Redford depicts the iconic news anchor Rather. Truth explores the tension at the intersection of politics and journalism that existed while developing the hour-long segment and through rebuilding the journalists’ own reputations after the second airing of 60 Minutes II.

“The ‘truth’ is as close as you can get without politicizing it,” Quaid said. “No character [in the film] was treated as a villain. They were real people who have families and a life. Everyone was just trying to do their job.”

Truth sold out opening night of HIFF and post-screening, Artistic Director David Nugent, sat down with Quaid, Vanderbilt and Producer Brad Fischer to discuss the highlights of the film and to answer questions from the audience.


When asked about whether or not Rather and Mapes were involved in the production of the film, the conversation on stage explained that Rather and Mapes were invited to the set two-thirds of the way through the filming. According to Vanderbilt, they had no editorial involvement.

“It was a dark period in their professional life,” he said. “They were there [on set] but did not impose themselves.”


HIFF festival goers may get some insight from Rather himself on the events that inspired the film when Alec Baldwin interviews Rather for a “A Conversation With…[Dan Rather]” at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Oct. 10.

HIFF runs through Oct 12. For film and event programming, tickets to shows and all other information, visit hamptonsfilmfest.org

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