4 Fashion Trends We Loved at LOOKBOOK Live

The abundance of fashion news on social media can make it hard to distinguish and piece together the right outfit to wear to work, out to dinner with friends or even apple picking on a Sunday afternoon. Can you wear a mustard skirt to work? Do you wear a textured sweater out to dinner? Fashion-forward Long Islanders got the answers to those and more questions on Saturday, Oct. 10 when LOOKBOOK Live came to Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City

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Professional stylists and Lauren Cosenza, style ambassador for Glamour magazine, put together ensembles for shoppers based on their lifestyles, individual preferences and budget. Four trend-themed style closets featured work wear, sports core, also known as athleisure, knits and textures and outerwear. In case you missed our Twitter coverage of our favorite looks during LOOKBOOK Live, we’ve rounded up some of the main trends, how to wear them and where to rock the look below.

Work Wear

Work Wear

This is not your grandmother’s blouse. “We’re seeing the return of a blouse,” Cosenza said. “We weren’t seeing button down blouses for a really polished, really pretty, really feminine [look].”

The style maven recommends pairing a tie-neck blouse with a really tight pencil skirt for date night. “No more body-con dress, this is the new substitute. Just like stilettos are taking a back seat to chunkier heels,” Cosenza said. The working woman goes from work to play, therefore work appropriate clothing is becoming the norm for after-hours fun.

Sports Core

Sports Core

“When it comes to sports core, it’s all about looks that are inspired by sports and athletics and sort of that yoga lifestyle. Sorta like the girl that does SoulCycle and gets Jamba Juice,” Cosenza said. No, she is not encouraging you to wear sweatpants. The Glamour insider said, “It’s all about making it chic enough that you can go to brunch later, run a few errands, meet someone you’re possibly dating.”

You may already have a lot of athleisure clothing in your closet. Pair your patterned yoga pants with that fabulous poncho from last fall and slip on a pair of crisp white kicks. Still not sure what exactly to look for? Cosenza told us, “It’s a lot of capes and mesh fabric. And color block leggings, white leather sneakers.”

Knits and Textures 



It’s a common misconception that different textures and knits should not be mixed. According to LOOKBOOK Live, it’s ok to have fun mixing and matching patterns, as long as they are in the same color scheme.

“It’s all about balance,” Cosenza said. “Pairing thicker knits with thinner knits to create proportion and balance to accentuate the silhouette of each person or each person’s body shape.” Wear a maroon printed, wool pant with a chunky textured sweater with the same subdued tones.



If you’re one of those people that has a separate closet just for coats and jackets, this season may be dangerous. There are so many good things going on with outerwear that we’ll have to find more hidden gems for you to explore outside this fall.

Feeling patriotic? Cosenza has the look for you. “We’re seeing a lot of military prints and details. It could be super literal, like a camo print or it could be military buttons or big pockets, that structured military look,” she said.

Love your country, but don’t want to go all out? There are looks for you, too. “We’re also seeing parkas, a lot of capes and ponchos. Just a really fun time for outerwear for fall,” Cosenza said.