4 Halloween Costumes for Families

Holy !@$%, it’s Oct. 14. You’re a good parent, really, but between your work schedule and your kids’ soccer and school schedules, you haven’t had a chance to think about Halloween costumes. If you plan on going out trick-or-treating with your kids or even if you’re just answering the door to hand out candy, you need to get costumes for your child and yourself and honestly, your creativity may be at an all-time low. We made it easy on you by turning to some Halloween experts to come up with family-friendly themed costume ideas you’ll want to try before your child is too cool to be seen in public with you, let alone dress up in coordinating outfits. Bonus: it’ll make the perfect holiday card photo. Double bonus: you can pull out said photo every time your child’s future spouse comes over as revenge for their terrible teenage years.

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family halloween costumes

image: halloweencostumes.com

This movie never gets old. You know this because the soundtrack has been on repeat in your car and you’ve watched the movie at least eight times per week for the last two years. Before the next big Disney thing comes along, which you kind of thought would be 18 months ago, dress up like Elsa & Co. with this idea from Halloweencostumes.com.


family halloween costumes

credit: party city

Inspired by Universal Pictures’ blockbuster of a film, these Party City Minions outfits are more adorable than the little yellow creatures themselves. Just try to steer clear of super-villans on your trick-or-treat route, which is probably impossible on Halloween.

Star Wars

Star Wars (2)

Let’s get this out of the way: that little Yoda is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Before the latest installment of the George Lucas space opera hits the theaters Dec. 18, dress the family up like your favorite characters. Halloweencostumes.com has some great options.


credit: ben rollins

credit: ben rollins

These mummies are perfect for the DIY fiends who don’t think it’s necessary to shell out a ton of money on something that will only be worn once (and isn’t a wedding dress, of course). Pick up some white jersey fabric from your local store and splatter some dye on it. Then, cut the fabric into strips about 10-12 inches wide, put on white activewear like a sweat suit, secure the strips with safety pins and consider yourself trick-or-treat ready.

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