6 Pizzas Recipes to Make This Fall

Let’s make it a pizza night. Chances are you can’t count the number of times you’ve uttered that or a similar phrase. Pizza is a take-out staple and yet utterly simple. Dough, sauce, cheese, toppings done. And, yes you can create that magic at home.

From a sweet corn pizza recipe that tastes like summer to a light spicy salami pizza that makes the perfect game day app, these six pizza recipes combine the comforting flavors of home, sensory smell of baked bread, meats roasting and the textural elements of crunch and chew. Umami. Make it a pizza night.

Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Mediterranean Flatbread recipe

An upgraded version of a traditional Margherita pizza

Think of this Mediterranean flatbread as an upgraded version of a traditional Margherita pizza. Instead of plain, old, regular tomatoes, this Mediterranean flatbread recipe calls for sundried tomatoes giving the pie an intense, slightly salty taste. Add in onion, basil and your favorite cheese and you have summer on a pizza. Get the recipe.

Carbonara Pizza Recipe

caborna pizza recipes

Ricotta, pancetta, arugula and topped with a slow cooked egg and decadent guancial. image: Salute Restaurant

One bite of this Carbonara Pizza by Chef Luciano Suatto of Las Vegas’s Salute Restaurant and you’ll feel like you’re in southern Italy. Made out of ricotta, pancetta and arugula and topped with a slow cooked egg and decadent guanciale, the simple, fresh ingredients blend perfectly for a luscious, delicious taste. You could even eat it for breakfast without feeling too guilty. Get the Recipe.

Sweet Corn Pizza Recipe

sweet corn pizza

Taste summer with this sweet corn pizza recipe from the executive chef of Indaco. image: callie cranford

When this sweet corn pizza is baking in the oven you’ll smell summer and once you bite into the crisp dough topped with grilled sweet corn, ricotta, Carmen peppers, pancetta, calabrian chili oil and basil, you’ll be longing for days spent out East at the beach. It’s one of the signature dishes at Indaco in Charleston, SC from executive chef Michael Perez. The ricotta melts into creamy deliciousness and the basil, sweet corn and peppers is a farmers market lover’s dream. Perez has even created a sweet corn pizza recipe for the dough and toppings that is feasible for the home cook. Get the Recipe.

Spicy Salami Pizza Recipe

Chef Spike Mendelsohn shares the secrets to his spicy salami pizza recipe. image: spike mendelsohn

Chef Spike Mendelsohn shares the secrets to his spicy salami pizza recipe. image: spike mendelsohn

Former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn has made a name for himself making casual, comfort food gourmet. This recipe for spicy salami pizza is no exception. Full of spices such as chili flakes, cilantro, parsley and even a dash of orange, this pizza will fill your home with mouth-watering smells while it’s cooking and is an easy appetizer that allows nibbling on gooey cheese, topped with salami before a main course. Get the Recipe.

Pumpkin Spice Pizza Recipe

pumpkin spice pizza

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! This is the pizza for you. image: heather staffer

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice. This is the pizza that will take you from fall through those cold winter nights. Heather Saffer, author of The Dollop Book of Frosting and a winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” specializes in creating all-natural healthier gourmet frosting and being that it’s fall a pumpkin spice pizza with pumpkin cream cheese frosting was a must. Decadent and full of your favorite fall flavors make this pizza perfect for a hearty fall brunch or as dessert. Get the Recipe.

New England Clam Pizza Recipe

New England Clam Pizza recipe

The secret to this pizza is the crust. image: samuel adams

This New England Clam pizza is a much-needed slice of summer on a chilly fall day. Be forewarned though, this recipe is almost as much work as those beachside clambakes you had every Saturday during the summer. The end result is even better. The secret is the crust. Mark Bello made the crust using Samuel Adams Boston Lager for a hearty tasting pizza dough that you’ll want to make again and again. Get the Recipe.

If you’re really not much of a cook head to one of Long Island’s best pizza joints.