9 Haunted Adventures to Send You Screaming

Every October the days get short, the nights long and the zombies, ghosts and witches come out to play. Between blood-soaked creatures that chase, ghosts that continue to haunt and houses that leave the skin crawling, there is a haunted happening that will scare the bejesus out of you.

Bayville Screampark, Bayville

Someone left the doors of the Bay Family Mansion unlocked and the ghosts and ghouls have come out to play. The Bayville Adventure Park transforms into five terrifying attractions each year. From the Bloodworth Haunted Mansion to the Temple of Terror there is something that will send you screaming. Go there.

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse, Bellport
The island’s historic theater transforms into a haunted maze filled with things that go boo and bump in the dark. Simple animatronics generate some of the ghosts and howling zombie pop-out scares but it’s the actors and the setting that will have you wishing for the lights to go back on. Go there.

NYZ Apocalypse, Deer Park
Tame horror this October at the NYZ Apocalypse. The undead roam free in an underground prison system of jail cells, medical labs and offices but armed with laser guns you can survive the zombie apocalypse. Go there.

Chamber of Horrors, Hauppauge
Each year, horror industry veterans spend 11 months creating the three-fright-filled haunted attractions that make up Hauppauge’s Chamber of Horrors. The undead wander the halls and creepy clowns lurk in the shadows promising to have you screaming within minutes. Go there.

long island haunted attractions

Take a trip to one, or two, or five of these 9 haunted adventures, if you dare. image: mpalis

Blood Manor, Manhattan
Every October Blood Manor scares the bejesus out of people. Between the creepy interiors, blood-soaked characters and pop-out scares, the haunted house has more than earned its reputation as New York’s scariest haunted adventure. Go there.

Nightmare Horror Shore, Manhattan
Lovers of horror films can’t miss the Nightmare Horror Show. For four weeks, mini-horror productions take place inside the haunted theater at The Clemente. Many of the stories are based on the city’s own haunted lore and will leave you thankful you live on the Island and not in Manhattan. Go there.

Psycho Haunted House, Patchogue
Brave the blood-soaked psychos or end up on the North Patchogue Fire Department’s Wall of Shame. Go there.

Haunted Castle, Sands Point
The doors to the mansion are left unlocked and the spirits of those that once called the castle home return. A stormy actress, eccentric barons, refugees from World War II, servants passing through a secret stairwell; experience the chilling encounter yourself. Go There.

Darkside Haunted House, Wading River
More than 30 creepy scenes, pop-out scares and 14,000 square feet of terror make up this haunted house in Wading River. Walking through the indoor and outdoor adventure will leave you chilled to your bones. Go there.