4 Adult Sweets to Try This Halloween

Whoever said candy is only for kids clearly never experienced the fun of guessing the flavor of random jellybeans with friends or sinking teeth into a savory, buttery chocolate in the fall. While Reese’s, M&M’s and Milky Ways bring back memories of days with less responsibility and a time when running up and down the street in costume didn’t initiate a call to the local police, adulthood brings about a better kind of treat, no trick. I’m talking jellybeans that taste like beer and chocolate infused with wine. Websites such as specialtyfood.com and candywarehouse.com have brought on the candy for adults trend. Here are four adult sweets we’re craving this Halloween. Let the days of stealing your children’s candy after they go to bed on Halloween be gone.

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Jack Daniel’s Whisky Filled Chocolate Truffles

candy for adults

The only thing better than chocolate and whiskey is whiskey infused chocolate. image: mdlart

I get that not every dad is up for sporting a Star Wars or Minions themed family costume. Celebrate Halloween the only way you know how, with a savory sweet and a little booze. Switzerland meets Tennessee in this whisky infused Swiss chocolate truffle. Treat yourself. 

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

candy for adults

Forget the beer flight and try Jelly Belly beer flavor jellybeans. image: maksymowicz

From blueberry to booger, flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans always get people talking. This year flashback to Halloween away at college (minus the dive bar and promiscuous costume) with draft beer flavored jelly beans. It’s the fresh taste of beer without the judgmental look from neighboring parents. Get the sudsy good-ness.

Wine Flavored Chocolate Covered Raisins

candy for adults

Wine flavored chocolate covered raisins mean no struggling to open the bottle. image: desperado

Free up one of your hands with this two-in-one treat combining your favorite pairings: wine and chocolate. Infused with real wine, take a pick from cabernet, port, chardonnay or champagne. The innovation had in mind one hand for popping the treat and the other for fast-forwarding through the extra spooky parts of a horror flick. Indulge.

Chocolate For Wine

Find your perfect pairing. image: istockphoto.com

Find your perfect pairing. image: istockphoto.com

I don’t expect you to give up your wine that easily. For those of you not ready to commit to a life without fermented grapes there’s a confection for you, too. Individually wrapped pieces of chocolate from BRIX range from smooth dark, extra dark, medium dark and milk, with a label suggesting what wine to drink with it. The 3oz. bar package comes with a hanger tag that fits perfectly on the neck of any wine bottle, which makes for a great Halloween party favor. Get your fix.

For the Do-It-Yourselfers

candy for adults

Throwback to your college Halloween parties. image: bhofack2

In a large mixing bowl, soak the gummies of your choice (gummy bears, gummy worms) in vodka. Place the bowl in the fridge and let settle anywhere from 4–24 hours, dependent on your preference or tolerance. Drain the remaining vodka from the bowl to use for a fresh batch or to mix in with a sweet punch.

Look for DIY punch recipes in our November issue.