6 Tips to Avoid Hat Hair

Hats are a must during colder weather, but hats bring the inevitability of hat hair. Avoid it with these simple precautionary tips direct from hair stylist Kazunori Ueda of Haraguchi Salon NYC.

1. Pump up the volume! Use shampoo and conditioning products that have volumizing qualities, making it harder for hat hair to take root. Even buzz cuts should be treated with provisionary steps—having short hair is more of a reason to add dimension. Great options include: Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner, Kiehl’s rice and wheat volumizing conditioning rinse and OGX thick and full biotin and collagen duo.

2. Blow-dry. “One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is put the hat on with damp hair,” said Ueda. For women, stroking a round brush from underneath outward while blow-drying helps preserve fluffy yet tamed locks. Top off with a dab of product, but not too much or it will weigh down the mane.

3. One size does not fit all. If a hat is too tiny, it creates a deeper indentation and the dreaded flattening. For beanie sizing, if it fits like a second skin it’s a no-go. For a baseball cap or bowler, if it has to be pushed down to fit, it actually doesn’t.

4. It’s all in the packing. Avoid unwanted indents by folding long hair over and tucking it underneath the crown of the hat. With a shorter bob, fully immerse hair up into the headgear. For men, simply place the hat on top of the head without pushing down.

5. Timing is everything. The longer it’s on, the more damage it does—that means remove the topper while indoors. Ueda advised, “After taking the hat off, you should shake your head or blow out [your hair] upside down.”

6. Run dry. If you skip a step, use a little dry shampoo. Oribe dry texturizing spray works well. Spritz at the top of the head down to the mussed area.