4 Products That Feed Your Face

Sometimes having food on your face is a good thing. Natural ingredients are all the rage, but these products take the trend a step further by incorporating grocery store staples that contain hidden powers. Antioxidants, enzymes and oils found in common foods are as nourishing on the outside as they are from within. This is one time dieting is a waste.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream
Yogurt is a beauty secret that dates back to ancient Egypt…even Cleopatra is rumored to have bathed in fermented milk. The lactic acid manages to exfoliate without irritation, while nutrients like zinc reduce redness and inflammation. Korres’ cream also contains macadamia and olive oil to further soothe and moisturize. $36 for 1.35oz; sephora.com

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner
Tea is renowned for its high levels of antioxidants, making this toner a fervent fighter of free radicals, those unruly molecules that age the skin. The tannins in black tea also offer antiseptic benefits, killing bacteria and combating breakouts. For an extra radiance boost, hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and keeps the complexion glowing. $48 for 4oz; fresh.com

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
Pumpkin spice everything might feel played out, but don’t discount the exfoliating power of this squash’s enzymes. Apply a thin layer of this mask and massage it in to slough off dead skin with aluminum oxide crystals. Skin emerges resurfaced and rejuvenated. $58 for 5oz; peterthomasroth.com

Lush Sultana of Soap
Not only does this soap smell good enough to eat, it looks it too. Resembling a slice of creamy nougat, Sultana is topped with dried apricots and currants and luxuriously scented with bergamot and frankincense. The olibanum oil (aka frankincense) coats the skin with a protective film that locks in moisture and even minimizes fine lines. $6.40 for 3.5oz; available at Lush in the Walt Whitman Shops or Roosevelt Field Mall.